Shop Bought verses Internet Bought

  recap 14:52 06 Jul 2004

I have just purchased white goods from Currys high street shop. I was going to buy off the Internet as I thought it to be cheaper.

I have saved twenty pounds on one item and fifteen on the other, and that is with both high street and Internet shops having a sale on.

I was always under the impression that the Internet was cheaper when purchasing from the same company.

It just goes to show the old saying is true, "It pays to shop around"

  LastChip 15:32 06 Jul 2004

Often, the household names, Curry's, Comet and so on, charge pretty much the same price, whether you buy via the net, or the store. However, if you do a search and investigate the independents, you may come up with a much better deal.

  recap 15:38 06 Jul 2004

I agree LastChip. I did window shop both on the high street and Internet. The goods that I wanted were only coppers difference but Currys is closer to were I live, that is the only reason I bought from Currys.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 06 Jul 2004

Two of my friends recently bough 4 samsung mono laser printers from PCW that were £4 ea. cheaper than Dabs...there was also no charge for postage and np 2 day wait.


  sidecar sid 19:24 06 Jul 2004

I bought a new cooker from Comet last year.
Instore and internet prices were the same,however instore wanted £12.00 for delivery and internet delivery was free .I mentioned this instore and asked if they would deliver free,they would not.So no prizes for guessing where the order went.

Most of my PC parts are bought on the internet because they are usually so much cheaper and the choice is greater,i do not find a 2-3 day wait any great inconvenience,and so far have used people such as Ebuyer,Planetmicro,Aria and AUT without problem.PCW is also on my approved list i have a few good bargains from my local over the past couple of years

  Indigo 1 19:54 06 Jul 2004

I prefer to shop on the Internet everytime, I buy everything over the net including holidays, cars, groceries, PC's and components, electronic equipment (cameras, phones),reptile supplies, diving equipment etc etc.

The only things that I buy over the counter are tools, materials and equipment for work and clothes oh and fags of course.

Pros of internet shopping;

Quick (you don't have to go there)

No travel costs.

No parking fees.

No waiting at the counter while some spotty youth spils your change all over the floor.

No driving in town on Saturdays when everyone in the country is driving into town.

It's stress free !

Delivered to your door.

Security is better.

Better service.


Pros of high St shopping

You get to look at more girls .

  recap 09:03 07 Jul 2004

Indigo 1

I am buying more and more over the Internet including my tools. I dont buy groceries though, I prefer to pick them up fresh when I need them.

Tools I buy from click here as they supply from a catalogue anyway and they are cheap.

The main reason I buy off the Internet is that it is supposed to be cheaper with much less hassle.

  golfpro 10:16 07 Jul 2004

I have two large Dep. Stores close to where I live, selling all types of electrical goods computers, Cameras etc. both stores keep their prices about the same. I still shop around on the net, but have always found these places to be either cheaper or the same price, plus if its something like a fridge or cooker they will take the old one away for free. [img]click here[/img]

  golfpro 10:19 07 Jul 2004

Why don't smilies appearer within the thread????

  recap 10:21 07 Jul 2004

golfpro, don't think smilies are enabled on here. They would take up too much resources I would presume.

  LastChip 11:31 07 Jul 2004

Where I live, they have all cottoned onto charging for delivery and removal of the old item.

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