Shooting clubs

  spikeychris 13:32 10 Apr 2008

Do you have a problem with air pistol and air rifle clubs? On Saturday I will be interviewing the chairman of a local shooting club and England’s most decorated commonwealth games competitor Mick Gault. One or two people I have spoken to suggest all shooting clubs should be banned! This is a very safe sport with a real family feel, should it be banned?

  wiz-king 13:36 10 Apr 2008

I would sooner have youngsters shown how to shoot safely than just let them buy a gun over the internet and have them let loose with no training. Thay may still be reckless but hopefully less so.
Same goes for school cadet forces.

  recap 13:42 10 Apr 2008

As long as it is held in the safe environment of a registered gun club, I cannot see a problem.

  sunny staines 13:47 10 Apr 2008

I would have all shotguns and airguns require a full firearms licence, the shotgun licence is not tightly controlled to the standards of a firearms license.
ban all hand guns except weapons.
the main problem is illegal importation of handguns these should have mandatory prison sentence.

my seem a bit harsh but speak to the next of kin of a victim of gun crime and get their views.

  sunny staines 13:48 10 Apr 2008

should read except airweapons.

  Stuartli 13:49 10 Apr 2008

Far better that such activities be properly controlled and regulated through the work of such clubs than indiscriminate use.

The handgun ban reaction after the Dunblane tragedy was knee-jerk to say the least - law abiding shooting club members of the public were pilloried for no good reason.

However, the Get Guns Off Our Streets campaign following the equally tragic Hungerford event was more in keeping.

  Grey Goo 14:31 10 Apr 2008

I agree with you. Trouble is Hamilton was a registered Firearms Licence holder. I wonder how the Olympic shooters will get their guns in, or is the event a non starter. I shoot clay pigeons and we used to have a reciprocal arrangement with a local pistol club, they shot clays with our guns and we shot at targets with their guns.
Still did get to shoot a .44 Magnum once, horrendous, not a target weapon as the recoil nearly tears your arm off, and the guy was using light loads.

  techie4me 14:43 10 Apr 2008

Shooting clubs are more tightly run since events happened a few years ago.
Large calibre carbines are now mostly banned.
Yes you do get the odd D***head at some, but most are run my those wanting to share in a passion for firearms.

And yes you get the odd shooting club member that wants to show off their Dirty Harry shooting skills.
Getting a gun in the UK is a lenghty process.
Over the pond(USA) you can buy Glocks, Heckler & Koch & Uzi's in some States over the counter!
Oh and not forgetting various types of ammo.

  interzone55 15:18 10 Apr 2008

The biggest problem in the US is the different laws across different states.

For instance you can't buy handguns in Washington DC, so you simply go across the state line into Virginia, you can buy pretty much anything there, but they have a 5 day cooling off period on all sales, this is the easiest thing in the world to get round, because the shop simply has to back date the purchase documents.

Perhaps someone will eventually work out that the right to bear arms enshrined in the constitution was merely permission to wear short sleeve shirts

  techie4me 15:36 10 Apr 2008

The amount on offer in the US really opened my eyes to how easy it was to buy a gun & also to buy state of the art high powered weapons with an assortment of different ammo.

The friend i was with who purchased the gun did so because it was her right to do so!

  interzone55 15:53 10 Apr 2008

It might have been your friend's right to buy a gun, the problem is some people think it's an obligation to buy a gun.

My eyes where opened in 1992 when I visited a market in the North West Frontier province of Pakistan. There was a scary array of Russian & US weaponry on open sale, ranging from handguns & ammo to assault weapons, grenades & shoulder launched rockets.

If you produced the right amount of US dollars you could be taken out to the desert where the serious weapons could be bought, including ground to air missiles & tanks, all sourced in Afghanistan after Desert Storm.

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