Shoot-em up sims......can u take sides???

  foxman318 22:52 19 Mar 2006

I was asked a question the other day that I didn't have the foggiest idea what the answer was..... As far as I know, the most prominent 1st person shooter games i.e. Medal of Honour, Brother in Arms, Call of Duty and similar are all based on Russian/American/British soldiers etc. Assuming these games are available in Germany. Do German gamers play against there own nation or is their a way to elect a German side for these games....

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 07:23 20 Mar 2006

As far as I'm aware they'll play the same game as you, otherwise the company responsible would have to develop an entirely seperate story line, etc for the German version - and I imagine that the German market wouldn't produce enough income to cover that outlay.

You'd also be on the losing side, which would be a rather depressing thought (if the thought of war isn't depressing enough already)

It was all so much simpler when gamers had to fight of invaders from the planet Ptthgggttxx 12 - they rarely even play games there...

  foxman318 10:57 20 Mar 2006

Thanks for least Silent Hunter 3 gives u an option (only because the u-boat was the dominant force in the Atlantic)..........

  DrScott 13:52 20 Mar 2006

I actually like SH3 - although my laptop does groan with it! Makes you think that actually there were heroes amongst the 'losing' side, and they too made extraordinary sacrifices, as well as being exceptionally brave.

  foxman318 15:36 20 Mar 2006

very true.........

  keith-236134 17:06 20 Mar 2006

If Hitler hadnt interfered so much they would have probably won the war then we would be playing the Germans beating us.

  DrScott 19:57 20 Mar 2006

Hairyplums - well not quite true. If Hitler hadn't interfered, then there may not have been a 2nd world war, and possibly not even a Blitzkrieg. Before he went completely loopy Hitler was actually a pretty good leader in the field...

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