Quickbeam 08:13 18 Dec 2008

The Last of the Summer Wine! click here-

I can't for the life of me see what the 'endearing attraction' to it was, I thought it was past it's sell by date before the '76 heatwave before punk arrived and faded and even BT (Before Thatcher). So just who was 'endeared by it...?

  laurie53 08:15 18 Dec 2008


click here

  Quickbeam 08:17 18 Dec 2008

the morning paper says so...

  laurie53 08:25 18 Dec 2008

I must admit I'm a bit puzzled by your post.

If you think it's that bad, why watch it?

And if you don't watch it what possible effect can it have on you whether it's on or off the air?

  carver 08:42 18 Dec 2008

I hope that your link is the correct one because I for one would miss it.

Some people can't seem to see the humour in a programme unless it contains swearing, a bit of nudity, or what passes for comedy in some of these American shows that my daughter watches.

  Quickbeam 08:49 18 Dec 2008

It's one of those ubiquitous programmes like the soaps. I walk through the house not particularly paying attention to the TV as I pass, but I find it was enough for the general storyline and characters persona to have become entered into my conscience. Several months later someone in a pub might say "y'kow that whatzizname from Corrie...", and I find I know who they mean.

If only all knowledge was as easy to remember as that:)

  Legolas 09:01 18 Dec 2008

I am glad you posted this as I was too much of a coward to say what you did. I watched it for a few years after it came out and quite enjoyed it although not one of my favourites. But as you say it was way way past it's sell by date and if it's been axed then it's about time.

Maybe they can spend the money on something better. A new Russell Brand show perhaps ;))

  interzone55 09:02 18 Dec 2008

Last of the Summer Wine is a classic, and stands up to repeated viewing in much the same way as Porridge & Open All Hours.

I suppose it helps that I'm from the general area, and have mixed with people of the type in the program...

  DANZIG 09:07 18 Dec 2008

If its true, then it is quite a shame its going. I wouldn't say I find it the most hilarious thing on telly, but I like it in a kind of warm fuzzy kind of way.

Also, like alan14, I live just down the road from the place and it is nice to see the local area on the box.

As the report says as well, it will damage the local tourist economy.

  spuds 10:53 18 Dec 2008

Perhaps axing of this and similar comedy shows, proves that the BBC management are right on the ball, and more akin to providing value for money programmes,like Ross and other supposed celebrity specials.

A short time ago, there was even talks about bringing out a new version of Dad's Army. Perhaps if they did bring out a more modern version, it would have to have better scriptwriters who would bring out a bit of barrack room implicated banter, to suit a younger audience.

  laurie53 20:19 18 Dec 2008

"who would bring out a bit of barrack room implicated banter"

But the Home Guard didn't have barrack rooms; they lived at home.

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