Ship's scavengers ignore police

  hijo 12:26 23 Jan 2007

I think weve all seen this on the tv or on the radio,would you of gone there to the beach or would you of left the scence alone...???

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  spuds 12:45 23 Jan 2007

I suppose it was a case of two or three local bobbies against a large pack of people, with the end result of No Contest.

All happened in the past, with the Cornishmen and other people of similar coastal regions enticing ship's onto the rocks, and no doubt it will continue in the future. The major problems nowadays is the cargo content, which may well be very hazardous and unpredictable, both to humans and the environment.

  microcoder 12:48 23 Jan 2007

They say that if it had happened of the Cornish coast then the ship would be stripped bare by now!

  Kate B 12:51 23 Jan 2007

It's theft unless the scavenger fills in a form that tells the official person for wrecks (I can't remember the exact title) what they've taken so that the loot can be returned. So despite temptation, no, I wouldn't have been down on the beach stealing stuff. Anyway, a Devon beach in January sucks - it's cold, wet and miserable.

  recap 12:57 23 Jan 2007

If the scavenger fills in a form the real owner can claim it back, but which company would really do that?

Surely the insurance on the goods will cover the loss, and it would be easier to claim the insurance?

  Chris-347369 12:57 23 Jan 2007

Theft is theft

  Kate B 12:59 23 Jan 2007

So the insurer should carry the cost and allow the people who've stolen valuable - and presumably easily recoverable - items to keep them? Tell me what's right about that ...

  The Brigadier 13:23 23 Jan 2007

You are meant to report it to the offical salvager (spelling may be wrong) who would get you to fill in a form. However under the law what ever you take is techincaly not yours so if you sell it, you may then be liable to return the item or pay for the cost of it in full!

Doubt this will happen though in this case!!!

  Kate B 13:26 23 Jan 2007

Why do you doubt it will happen? I would be surprised if the owners of the cargo didn't want to recover what's recoverable.

  spuds 13:27 23 Jan 2007

I believe in one newspaper, the police officer in charge did mention 'souvenir hunters'.

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  rodriguez 13:34 23 Jan 2007

If I lived near there, I'd probably go down and have a look. The only thing is you don't know what's in the containers. There was battery acid in some of them, so I'd probably go for the barrels which would be likely to hold the wine. Some of the containers also held BMW motorbikes I think. Me and a few of my mates would probably go down in my mate's van and take advantage of the opportunity and stock up for the winter. Or maybe just sell it on eBay. :-P

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