Shipping costs have fallen dramatically

  TopCat® 15:01 12 Dec 2008

over the last six months it seems, so shouldn't this be reflected in the cost of our imported goods and thereby the asking price for consumers?

The value of sterling has also dropped, which we all know, but I hope importers are passing at least some of their savings on to our consumers.

What are your views on this? TC.

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  Geronimo. 15:22 12 Dec 2008

NOTE: the ship in the photo could it be the MV Derbyshire that snak in 1980..?

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TopCat@ sorry to post the way its a good topic & intresting too..

  Geronimo. 15:23 12 Dec 2008


  spuds 16:18 12 Dec 2008

A number of years ago, the maritime industry reduced prices by opting out for foreign third world crews and re-registering ships. At the same time bigger ships were built, so as to carry extra capacity,

Stating that 99% reduction in prices seems a little over the top, and if that figure is anywhere near, then its the hiring 'middlemen' who are working from small offices with virtually no staff, who will be suffering the most.

Only recently a well known old established sea container supplier was filing for bankruptcy. so things must be in recession.

  carver 19:00 12 Dec 2008

That phrase they use about "skeletal crews", does that mean that they don't have to feed them.

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