Shipbreaking images (India)

  royalflush 22:05 09 Apr 2007

Ive got a love for knowledge of ShipBreaking but mainly based in Western Europe due to the abillity to dismantle these HUGE beast's with not much more than there bare hands & some burning gear...HAS ANYONE GOT ANY LINKS OR PHOTO'S OF SHIPBREAKING PLEASE
heres a link i found with some of it,you can click on each photo to maximise the pic's

click here

  Kate B 22:07 09 Apr 2007

Now that's what I call esoteric! ;-) Great pictures, good link.

  hzhzhzhz 22:14 09 Apr 2007


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:16 09 Apr 2007

..and we have problems with pollution?


  De Marcus™ 22:23 09 Apr 2007
  Fred the flour grader 22:23 09 Apr 2007

Royalflush, they have done this for years in India, all the old single hulled supertankers like Esso Northumbria were dismantled this way. I believe what they do is, they point the ship at the coast line and throw the engines into full ahead. The ship runs aground and they set work to it straight away. Health and safety is not an issue, asbestos and heavy metals are rife on the vessels and the life expectancy on the job is not long. No wonder the big oil companies make mega profits.

  royalflush 22:28 09 Apr 2007

Aparently what they do is to get the ship/tanker as close to the beach as poss is put it in FULL power & go for the clappers untill it stops through the sand below it...then they get around 50-200 men/women to strip it...there's no cranes until they have managed to dissmantle most of the big pieces & break them off...they use pure muscle power & a VERY long cable to tow/pull some of the large pieces that us in Europe would use heavy machinery to get them to the land...

  TOPCAT® 22:28 09 Apr 2007

the world's redundant shipping. I suppose it gives work for the poor sods involved in stripping them down, but they do it in attrociously unsafe and dangerous conditions.

I am quite surprised to see that most of the luxurious interior fittings have been left in these liners. Still, as these pictures show, someone somewhere will buy them. TC.

click here

  hzhzhzhz 22:31 09 Apr 2007

a bit dated but interesting click here

  Woolwell 22:34 09 Apr 2007

I'm not normally a fan of Greenpeace but:
click here

This is also interesting
click here

  WhiteTruckMan 22:40 09 Apr 2007

I posted a link to the last surviving british ww2 aircraft carrier being broken up for scrap in this manner. I've been having a troll of my postings but I cant find it. All I remember was that it wasnt a thread I started. Anyone help on this?


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