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  Quickbeam 07:57 26 Nov 2008

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It's hard to believe that with the worldwide coverage of the Austrian 'rape father' case, this unbelievably similar case on home ground has had virtually no coverage in the home media.

I understand that some of the reason is to protect the victims, but has the rest of the world been reading more of the detail than we were privy to?

  carver 08:31 26 Nov 2008

It's hard to believe that this sort of thing can still happen, thirty years ago I lived not very far from a man who was also abusing his daughter, she used to baby sit for us.

At the time it seemed very strange that he would walk her to our house and at the end of the night when we got back he would be waiting to take her home.

I suppose that he did it so she wouldn't have any time on her own to talk to us, she was about 19 when it came out and it had been going on for about 12 years.

My feelings on this sort of thing is that he should just be slowly castrated with a blunt knife, with no pain killers.

  interzone55 08:59 26 Nov 2008

As horrible as this story is, I can fully understand how this has happened, and it's all down to our insular society.

The girls (and their brother) were too terrified to tell anyone.

The neighbours, who must have known some of what was going on, didn't want to get involved. After all, few people speak to their neighbours anymore.

They moved around a lot, so authorities didn't track them.

The doctors simply told the girls to stop having babies with the same father (!!!!).

It's the same story over and over again, people not wanting to get involved.

Two points though concern me:
1) the mother left home when they moved to Lincolnshire, why did she stay silent.
2) the call to childline, the girls would obviously be distressed on the phone, why did the operator not just lie to them about a guarantee over their children to keep them talking.

Lessons will be learnt again, and no doubt ignored...

  Belatucadrus 11:39 26 Nov 2008

As to the lack of coverage, I suspect that this is about to change. Just looking around the newspaper sites and they appear to have caught on and are likely to be devoting much ink and webspace to the matter.
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 26 Nov 2008

'The neighbours, who must have known some of what was going on'. a wild assumption. I have a few neighbours nearby and I have not got a clue what they get up to and nor am I interested.


  nosharpe 13:00 26 Nov 2008

People like this should be impaled, as Vlad would've.

  interzone55 14:12 26 Nov 2008

Which would prove my point about our insular society where we don't give a stuff about things happening under our noses.

But the first report I read on the BBC did mention about concerns raised by neighbours, which is why they moved so often, but I can't find that story now, probably not accurate so pulled.

  Belatucadrus 14:18 26 Nov 2008

Never said it would achieve anything, simply commenting that now the matter has entered the public domain, the press machine will do its bit to feed the prurient interest of the masses.

  carver 17:51 26 Nov 2008

It's going to be alright, Gordan Brown has said that "LESSONS ARE GOING TO BE LEARNT", seem to have heard that phrase before.

  Switcher 22:56 27 Nov 2008

The only way lessons will be learned is if such people are strung up by the neck.

  interzone55 11:05 28 Nov 2008

We keep having that discussion, and keep coming to the conclusion that both camps think they're right.

just consider that Texas has executed 700 people since 1977, more than the rest of the US put together, but people still get raped & murdered.

Capital punishment just serves to feed peoples desire for revenge, it doesn't help to cut crime...

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