shed dismantle and re-build from base

  Terry Brown 10:52 24 Jul 2012

My garden shed is in bad need of some TLC- preferably a rebuild.

This is my query:

The shed is currently on a wooden base raised approx 4" from the ground, When I dismantle the shed and the floor, I expect to have a large amount of Mice,Snails,Slugs etc underneath it.

What is the best way (least harmful) to clear the area. I intend to put a concrete base in. terry

  birdface 11:03 24 Jul 2012

least harmful to you.

Tie your trouser legs up at the bottom and borrow a few of you neighbours cats and have a shovel in your hand ready to thump them if they try to escape.

Clear the area just remove the floor and turn it upside down in the garden and leave for 24 hours the birds will get rid of any insects.

paving Slabs will make as good a job and less hard work involved.

  spuds 11:13 24 Jul 2012

You might even find the odd fox as taken up residence. If there are any 'protected' species, then a licence and authorisation for possible removal would be required, otherwise a very heavy fine?.

Generally I find that the species you mention, usually leave on their own accord and move to somewhere similar, give or take a day or two, after the rubbish as been cleared.

  Condom 13:03 24 Jul 2012

You really shouldn't have to do anything as nature will take care of itself. If you find anything helpful to the garden like hedgehogs then try moving the nest under a nearby bush.

  Nontek 13:12 24 Jul 2012

Hmm, taking a shovel to the neighbors cats might not go down too well!!

  birdface 14:21 24 Jul 2012


Well spotted I did not word that very well.

Terry Brown

Just wondering seeing you are going to all that bother you can buy black bitchamin that you put on the roof when laying felt.

You could also paint it underneath the floor to help stop it rotting and keep the slugs away.

Well that's my theory whether it would work ok I don't know.

Or will the concrete bottom do away with the need for the wooden floor.

  Bing.alau 14:26 24 Jul 2012

I built mine on paving slabs. But the thing that has made it last over thirty years is that I thoroughly waterproofed every bit of timber especially the freshly cut ends (I soaked them overnight) before building. I repaint it every year on the outside because the inside is still as good as new. The roof is re-tarred every couple of years. It's been the children's playhouse, a storage shed for all kinds of items such as bikes, motor bikes etc. A garden storage shed (that was the original intention) and now with all the garden stuff in it, as well as some tools which won't go anywhere else. Inside is a home to the biggest spiders in the world. Outside I have a couple of nesting box's for my? Dickie Birds. I think it probably cost me about a hundred pounds to buy the bits and erect it. It's one thing I have had my money's worth out of.

  Terry Brown 15:36 24 Jul 2012

Thanks for all the 'Suggestions'

Buteman- as you m,ay have guessed I prefer not to harm nature if at all possible, however I drae the line when ants invade my house.

Spuds- I don't believe there is room for a Fox, however a hedgehog is a possability- I'll keep it in mind.

Condom- I do as you suggest and turn the flor upside down (after shutting the back door to my house!)to give them a chance to find their own way, and the birds a feast (I normally feeds the birds anyway so there will quite a 'Vultures' around.

Bing.alue & Buteman- Good idea about the paving slabs, Do you suggest a bed of soft sand a few inches thick or drymix and let the weather set it.


  Condom 15:45 24 Jul 2012


My summer house has been there for nearly 25 years and is still as good as new. I did put it on a concrete base as my house builders were still around and they did it cheap (For cash..immoral me).

They suggested that I put some of the stuff that they use for the damp-proof course between the wood frame and the concrete base as an added protection and I must say it worked beautifully. Hope all goes well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 24 Jul 2012

Mines over slabs - blue bricks with 4x4 timbers and base on top of that, gives good airflow underneath and stops damp rising.

Roof was a problem, got fed up of recovering and pitching so roof now covered with corrugated plastic panels.

As Bing.alua says repaint at least every couple of years.

Shed was second hand when I got it 20 yrs ago

  QuizMan 17:55 24 Jul 2012

I had a rats nest under mine when I took it up. Mum and 8 babies. Mum ran off and (stop reading now if you are squeamish or a nature lover)......I clubbed them with the back of a spade and threw them on the garage roof. Crows and magpies cleared the lot in 5 minutes.

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