she should fined £300

  timsmith259 14:14 03 Dec 2010
  Jameslayer 14:19 03 Dec 2010


  Jameslayer 14:19 03 Dec 2010


  timsmith259 14:25 03 Dec 2010

and heres the recording
click here

  Cymro. 14:46 03 Dec 2010

There used to be a Christmas song about a little girl coming downstairs in the morning and finding that her snowman had disappeared. It had thawed in the night but the girl did not understand where her snowman had gone.

  Bapou 16:29 03 Dec 2010

Now what will Littlejohn will make of this one I wonder?

  carver 17:14 03 Dec 2010

She shouldn't just be fined she should be sterilised, God help us if she is the sort of person this Country is breeding.

  Cymro. 17:41 03 Dec 2010

You are all heart aren't you carver!

  ella33 18:00 03 Dec 2010

I have lived in Chatham, I must admit I wouldn't leave a snowman unattended.

I do sympathise with the emergency phoneline staff. I guess a filter system so only the real ones got through would help. But that would cost a fortune, so I suppose it wouldn't work.

  carver 18:19 03 Dec 2010

Definitely, also a lot more brain than her, sorry but she makes a one cell amoeba look intelligent.

Wonder where she got the instructions from to make the snow man.

  OTT_B 20:46 03 Dec 2010

Sorry, I'm intrigued. Why should she be fined £300, not £250 or £350, or any other amount?!

It does seem she needed a little (re)education on the use of 999 and definition of emergency.

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