Shaving (face!), electric shavers etc.

  Armchair 16:16 06 Feb 2009

What do you lot reckon to elctric shavers? I've used them for most of my shaving life, and there's always been some degree of facial irritation (ie Mostly spots) to pay for using them. Only tried 'traditional' wet blade shaving a couple of times down the years, and I'm not keen on it, so I stick with dry electric shaving. Really getting a lot of problems recently, though, and I'm not sure what to do tbh.

Scrapped my Remington because I was kept getting under-chin red lumps, and now my supposedly bang up to date Panasonic is playing Hell with my chin. I clean the shaver out with it's brush after every use, and wash it once a week as per the instructions on the box, but.......

Am tempted to forget shaving for the near future and grow a beard. Never done this before, but I'm just fed up of the irritation caused by shaving.

So, any input as to whether it's best to dry/wet shave, or just let nature take it's course and grow a beard?

PS I'm worried that a beard might look awful and be even more irritating!

  interzone55 16:26 06 Feb 2009

I've got to say that a wet shave is infinitely preferable to an electric shaver, but you buy one of the leading brands you pay through the nose for the blades. If you think printer ink is dear, try keeping you Gillette Fusion stocked with blades.

I got fed up of keeping King Camp Gillette's descendants in Cadillacs so bought an electric instead, thinking it would be cheaper in the long run, I chose a good Braun 8-series.

I found it didn't give as close a shave, and the cleaning pod is as expensive to run as a blade razor, so I'm going to go back to a Fusion I think...

  The Brigadier 16:27 06 Feb 2009

I gave up using my trusty remmington shaver a few years ago.
Now have a wet shave when not having a beard.

Mrs B thinks i look stately with a beard.
I think she really means i look older!

  Armchair 16:30 06 Feb 2009

Hmmm, I'm scared I might look like Shane MacGowan out of the Pogues! Not that my teeth are as bad as his used to be..........

Btw, this Panasonic says to use soapy water to clean the foils/blades, then rinse it off, and leave to dry. Not too keen on using soap. Dunno why. Just doesn't seem like a good idea.

  Armchair 16:31 06 Feb 2009

Btw2, it's embarrassing to have a spotty face when you're not far off 40............

  Chegs ®™ 16:35 06 Feb 2009

I'm fortunate in that I can go a week before I look scruffy enough to need a shave so I tend to use my electric.I do find that a wet shave leaves my skin feeling like its on fire,but if I use a wet razor more often I lose the fried skin feeling.I once had a mate who tried growing a beard & the hairs were so stiff they would curl & grow into his skin leading to large puss-filled lumps.

  Forum Editor 16:37 06 Feb 2009

because you get a closer shave that way. I used electric shavers when I first started shaving, but they were not all that good, and there is the facial irritation thing, as you say.

Your skin will take a little while to condition itself to we shaving, but it will happen, and you'll never look back. In my experience few men look good with a beard - most of them just look a bit scruffy, as if they're too lazy to shave.

  Armchair 16:38 06 Feb 2009

Yeah, the beard idea doesn't really appeal to me much if I'm being honest with myself.

A question:- dry electric shaving. Do you wash your face first, dry it, then shave? Or do you shave first, then wash your face?

  Clapton is God 16:42 06 Feb 2009

"most of them just look a bit scruffy, as if they're too lazy to shave"

And then there's those of us who aren't lazy but still looked damned handsome with a beard (ask Mrs C is G).

  Armchair 16:52 06 Feb 2009

Got to go (library PC). Will mull it over. Ideally would like to carry on using present shaver, but without the spots appearing. I suspect, howvwer, that I'm always going to have a problem with this.

  oresome 16:55 06 Feb 2009

I usually shower then electric shave. Have done for the last 45 years and I've never used pre/after shave since my courting days. If I'm going somewhere special in the evening, I'll have a second shave.

Circumstances sometimes dictate it's advantageous to change the routine and shave at other times, but they're getting less frequent!

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