Sharks off the British coast

  peter99co 20:07 19 Nov 2009

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Even from the start of the tankers' stay in Lyme Bay, the value of the oil they carry has risen from £313million to £378million - an increase of £65million, or more than £1million a day.

  Quickbeam 22:00 19 Nov 2009

Maybe we should pirate them, if it's good enough for the Somalians...

  Condom 22:07 19 Nov 2009

Is there any way to fit a wheel clamp on these monsters?

  spuds 22:18 19 Nov 2009

Welcome to the real world of greed and commerce.

Around our neck of the woods, pump prices seem to be back to the ways of a few months ago, going up every day. Last Saturday it was £1.037 for 95 grade, today I paid £1.077.

  spuds 12:42 20 Nov 2009

If you follow this 'incident', I think that you will find that it is more than three tankers, waiting off the English coast. There are also many tankers world-wide doing exactly the same procedure. Another point of interest is that three of the major financial institutions are involved with day to day trading with these stationary vehicles.

Pure greed and nothing else. The recent recession as sure shown the commodity experts in a very dim public light, yet at the same time appears to be making some very good bonuses for an elite few, who no doubt truly believe that they are worthy of every incentive they can gain.

  wee eddie 13:31 20 Nov 2009

There is no reason why the Owners of the oil should not enter the market at whatever moment they wish.

If you had something to sell, would you sell it for less than it was worth?

  JanetO 17:32 20 Nov 2009


'you will find that it is more than three tankers'...

There is speculation the figure is well over 50 vessels off the British coastline, so by your calculation the actual percentage would be nearer to 25%. That's a quarter of the world's needs. But we're really only concerned about the UK's needs and consumption being affected.

wee eddie
We understand the human greed factor, that's why the world was vertually brought to its financial knees. The UK is possibly the only EU country still in recession. We need all the help we can get to get us out of it.

  ulrich 17:47 20 Nov 2009

That none of them come adrift and end up on shore.

  wee eddie 04:26 21 Nov 2009

I'm afraid your logic escapes me. How will more oil help to get us out of recession?

We have no shortage and anyway, roughly 80% of the price you pay goes to the Government in Taxes of one kind or another.

  morddwyd 07:59 21 Nov 2009

You've answered your own question.

80% of th

  morddwyd 08:01 21 Nov 2009

You've answered your own question.

80% of the price goes to the government in taxes.

More oil means a bigger tax take, allowing more government spending helping to end the recession.

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