Shame on you PC Advisor !

  Dragon_Heart 11:10 17 Feb 2011

I have just been looking through some of the competitions available on the site and find many require you to enter your address, e-mail AND home or mobile number.

Considering the vast number of complaints about companies using your phone for sales contacts, some on this very forum, I feel it is wrong for PC Advisor to encourage competitions of this nature.

Yes ! some say they will call you for a non obligation quote or the phone number is to check your entry ( ? ) or tell you if you have won ( so why do they take you address & e-mail ? ), but let's be realistic.

That goes for 'My Offers' too.

…. and YES I know you don't get something for nothing but …... !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:56 17 Feb 2011

1) you are not a spy.
2) you are not important.
3) you have a choice, abide by the rules or do not enter. If you do not want to fill in your mobile number don't enter the comp.
4) This is really simples and I should not have to bother writing this to explain the frighteningly obvious to you.
5) it is merely a mobile phone number, one should use the word 'shame' when discussing important things (children starving, people dying of treatable illnesses etc.) not totally trivial rubbish.


  Matt Egan 12:26 17 Feb 2011

Albeit you may well be a spy and you definitely are important to us!

The bottom line is that few companies will give something away without gathering something in return. We deal only with reputable businesses, and we ensure there are always several competitions on the go that require you only to be registered with PCA or to give us only an email address. And that need only be an email address you monitor - not your actual address.

But, as GANDALF <|:-)> says, you don't *have* to enter. To post in our forum, you need only give us an email address, and that is only so we can police bad behaviour.


  Dragon_Heart 15:17 17 Feb 2011

..... response out of the way .... wonder what G's doing about children starving, people dying of treatable illnesses etc ?

Thank's for your reply Matt but I still stand by my original comment.

As I said you don't get something ( or nothing if you don't win ) for nothing but I would have thought my address and e-mail were enough info. At least I can put the junk mail in the compost or block unwanted e-mail.

"reputable" ? So are you saying that if I enter a PC Advisor competition and provide my number I will NOT get any telesales calls ? As I said let's be realistic.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:49 17 Feb 2011

'As I said let's be realistic'...the irony in this utterance has not escaped me.


  Dragon_Heart 20:24 17 Feb 2011

... get out more GANDAFT

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:30 17 Feb 2011

'You should .... get out more'..yet again the irony of this utterance has not escaped me.


  Terry Brown 21:00 17 Feb 2011

I often enter competitions where you have to enter name ,address, email& telephone, and the amount of calls I get from people trying to sell me somethng are very low.

It must be understood that there is no such thing as a free meal, if you want to get something (or a chance of something) you comply with the terms and conditions, or you don't enter.

These promotions (That is what competitions are) are to get sales for the company involved.

Simple as that

  Dragon_Heart 21:02 17 Feb 2011

You appear to consider yourself a professional antagonist.

You NEVER start a topic just utter your words of 'wisdom' ? to anyone who will listen.

Are you on the AS ?

  DippyGirl 01:35 18 Feb 2011

To miss-type more than one LF for FT looks like carelesness (sorry Oscar!)
The follow ups I will leave to you and GANDA?? <|:-)> .... not good to get in the middle of a tiff.

BUT in your OP you say :
"I feel it is wrong for PC Advisor to encourage competitions of this nature."

Allow others the freedom to "feel" otherwise.
If you dont want to divulge your phone numbers (mobile/landline/whatever) .. fine just means you cant enter the competition - as has been said.

Not everyone will agree or disagree...but you posted your view it will attract other people's.
That is what opinion and forums like this are all about.

Obviously you arent a spy - or you would have several mobile phones any one of which you could use for competition entering ... or if you were JB - just win... and the competition.
< / serious >

  morddwyd 07:56 18 Feb 2011

There are such things as disposable e-mail addresses, just for either one only or restricted use.

I also understand that you can simply buy a sim card, though I've never tried it myslf, and simply stick it in any mobile phone and remove it when you have finished.

With Skype and my isp and my landline I have three landline numbers, only one of which is used, and as for my postal address, that is available on the electoral roll for anyone in the world to see.

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