Shambolic - going against their own beliefs

  Seth Haniel 15:00 26 Jul 2007

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"If the life of one animal may endanger other lives or human lives as well, then we must take into account the greater good and sacrifice the individual good," he said.

"(The Hindu religion) says that it is necessary sometimes to use violence in order to uphold the greater good."

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:11 26 Jul 2007

One has to raise an eyebrow at any religion that worships animals.


  Teaboy 17:15 26 Jul 2007

Well our forefathers used to kiss trees!

  Cymro. 17:21 26 Jul 2007

You say
"Well our forefathers used to kiss trees!"
Yes very true, but we have thankfully moved on from such nonsense, well most of us anyway.

  Jim Thing 17:43 26 Jul 2007

I thought religion was a taboo subject in these parts.

Don't get me started (to quote FE in a recent thread).

  Forum Editor 18:05 26 Jul 2007

that if an animal has tested positive for TB, and if the usual course of action in such cases is to slaughter said animal - which it is - I see no reason why a group of people should be permitted to set themselves above the law, simply because they have decided to say the animal is sacred.

Surely the law is the law, and provided proper legal procedures are observed that's an end to it - it should be goodbye Shambo.

Or am I missing something blindingly obvious?

  Belatucadrus 18:13 26 Jul 2007

I'm not bothered either way, but as Shambo is practically a pet, isolated from other cattle and never going to enter the food chain, why couldn't the TB be treated ?
While I'm all in favour of equitable application of regulations to all agricultural livestock regardless of race colour or creed of owners, do they actually apply in this case, how does anyone benefit ?

  Pine Man 18:17 26 Jul 2007

'One has to raise an eyebrow at any religion that worships animals.'

Yes but what they are worshipping actually exists and is not merely a figment of someones imagination!

  Forum Editor 18:26 26 Jul 2007

Your point is well made, and I'm pretty sure the beast could be treated, but...

As I understand it an order has been made, and it's being resisted on the basis that 'religion' is involved. I'm not qualified to talk about the dangers of TB in cattle, I have no idea how often these cases occur, but I imagine if an exception was to be made in this case it might leave the way open for others to argue in future. It would probably lead to chaos if all anyone had to do was to say an animal was sacred in order to exempt it from the law.

Why can't the owners just allow it to be removed, and then get another sacred cow?

  Seth Haniel 19:55 26 Jul 2007

et al..
There were a hundred supporters in close proximity to the affected animal - if like Foot & mouth ( i dont know) but these people - who have travelled from all over the world - will now go back maybe carrying a deadly spore (or whatever)

I don't think would be in the 'Divine Good' of their belief

  Seth Haniel 20:08 26 Jul 2007

at last something we agree on :)

Need a stiff drink now ;)

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