For SG1 fans

  jimv7 18:31 22 Mar 2007
  iqs 20:41 22 Mar 2007

sounds good,but the other movie should be better.The end of the ORI....

  riiverstock 22:10 22 Mar 2007

"you cannot be serious"!
Or was that something to do with tennis?

  DrScott 22:49 22 Mar 2007

miffed with the last episode of series 10 since it didn't complete the series at all. A movie is good, but a series 11 - that would be even better. Still one can but hope...

(I only got into it about a year ago - darn Sky!)

  iqs 19:21 23 Mar 2007

I have not missed an episode in the shows 10 year run.I was sad when I read the show was cancelled .But not many shows last this long.The spin off movies are a good idea,but a big budget cinema release would be better.

  Bob The Nob© 22:08 23 Mar 2007

I love SG-1 and am sad its ending, Atlantis has just decided to turn interestin in S3. The movie should be good! I hope it sortta ties in this the orig movie and the TV show.

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