Sexist or Not?

  riiverstock 16:09 10 Apr 2007

BBC's Radio Five Live recently have been using female football commentators for some live games on the radio.
I can't listen to it.

It is horrific beyond belief especially when the girlie voice naturally rises in pitch as the excitement in the game hots up or worst still when a goal is scored.

I appreciate that they may have the skills to do the job but they don't have the voice to do the game justice on the radio.

Are the BBC failing their football listeners by allowing women to slink into this all-male bastion of jobs?


Are there some jobs that either sex should never be asked to do?

  anskyber 16:22 10 Apr 2007

Good to see you are following the heartbeat of the forum issues.

  Cymro. 16:25 10 Apr 2007

As I am someone who has never heard a woman commentator on a football broadcast I

had better not comment. But as for your question about jobs that either sex should never

be asked to do, the short answer is obviously yes. Some jobs are actually exempted from

the discrimination at work act. Although I am not sure which jobs these are I think that

work involving some level of personal embarrassment are excluded.

  Flak999 16:26 10 Apr 2007

But! I think it will only degenerate into some people throwing their toys out of the pram again!

  riiverstock 16:30 10 Apr 2007

anskyber,I must have missed a beat.

Tell me more!

Jelly dogs found in un-insured shipbreaking yard ?

  Flak999 16:35 10 Apr 2007

read this thread, particularly toward the end. All will be revealed

  Flak999 16:36 10 Apr 2007

Does help to include the link! Sorry click here

  Jak_1 16:51 10 Apr 2007

I listened to some of the comentry, different, but once she gets a few games under her belt I see no reason for her not to do the job.

  wolfie3000 16:54 10 Apr 2007

I agree there are some jobs that require either females or males,

Like actors/actresses for films,

But i think 99% of jobs can be performed well by either sex.

The only limits for most jobs are skills and physical ability,

But as i said there are still some jobs that require the employee to be one sex or the other.

  Flak999 17:04 10 Apr 2007

"Are there some jobs that either sex should never be asked to do?"

As some people may or may not know, I am a Fireman and have been employed by a large metropolitan fire brigade in the south east of England for the last twenty nine years. (Before that I was a Royal Marine, but lets not go there!)

Over the preceding three decades I have been witness to many changes within the service, not least the introduction of women as operational firefighters. Prior to 1962 the fire service was solely the preserve of ex-military personnel (long before my time)

Subsequent to this, it always was a male occupation, the job requires good upper-body strength and stamina, a good head for heights, and the ability to wear breathing apparatus in smoke darkness and confined spaces.

At times it is a dirty, dangerous and unpleasant occupation, which involves dealing with death, destruction and civil calamity of varying degrees.

As you can imagine therefore it did not appeal to that many women! However in the early eighties with the introduction of equal opportunities legislation recruitment was sought from a more diverse workforce both ethnically and sexually.

In the brigade of which I am a member, we have the largest amount of female firefighters I believe in the country! However there is also a problem, the general standard of female recruits to the service is poor, to say the least.

Entry standards have been lowered dramatically to allow the brigade to hit its recruitment targets, mainly because the women applying under the old standards could not pass them.

For instance the brigade has had to purchase fire appliances that are able to be lowered at the rear to allow some of the "vertically challenged" people now being recruited to be able to reach the ladders to get them off! (their used to be a minimum height requirement of 5' 6")

Some of the present recruits are so weak (strength wise) that they cannot perform some of the standard drill evolutions because they are unable to extend the main ladders!

The old carry-down procedures (where you carry someone of your own body weight down a ladder) has been scrapped. Why? because female firefighters are not able to perform this lifesaving function.

Female firefighters are not allowed to have anything to do with radiation incidents (topical at the moment) because of the adverse effects radioactivity may have on their reproductive cycle.

So In short, yes! there are some jobs unsuitable for women. That does not mean its sexist, it is just a fact!

  wee eddie 17:17 10 Apr 2007

Once upon a time, way back in the 70's, I had a fiancée who was/(had been) a WRAC.

She was very much into equal opportunities and reckoned that she was up to most things.

However there were several "brute strength" operations that she was not up to because of the potential opposition.

In here opinion there were several things that males were capable of. One of those, that caused considerable hilarity amoung her peers, was that the "Boys" were not up to going out with bags to pick up the "body parts" after a bomb explosion. A bit ghoulish that!

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