wolfie3000 16:27 29 Jun 2007

Just had an E-Mail from i think from pcadvisor about
Kieren McCarthy's brand new book.

Is this a genuine E-mail from PCAdvisor???

And did anyone else receive this?

Reason i ask is for one thing the PCAdvisor logo is Yellow, whats up with that??

  Mark5001 16:30 29 Jun 2007

Just got it and came here to find out what it is. I have no clue if it is real or not.
click here

  Bingalau 16:33 29 Jun 2007

Just got the mail too. Mark5001. Yes Sex is real enough, but ..... (Sorry I felt the dreaded "Silver Mouse" hovering....)

  wolfie3000 16:35 29 Jun 2007

I hope this thread isnt deleted just cause of the dreaded S word,

But seriously is this a genuine E-Mail from PCAdvisor as it looks very dodgy to me.

  RickyC :-) 16:53 29 Jun 2007

Kieran McCarthy, the author of the book is a former News Editor on Techworld - one of our other sites where you'll find articles on networking technology, product reviews, how-to pieces and the latest news. click here to go through to the Techworld site for more information


Cover Disc Editor

  simonjary 16:57 29 Jun 2007

This is a genuine PCA email, but it wasn't put past me to authorise, as it should have been. Apologies for any confusion this caused.

Simon Jary
Publisher, PC Advisor

  wolfie3000 16:58 29 Jun 2007

I guess seeing the word Sex in an E-Mail made me a bit cautious,

Thanks for clearing that up, but why the yellow logo?

  wolfie3000 17:04 29 Jun 2007

Just went to the site sex(dot)com,

Im surprised pca allowed this,

Lets put it this way i have no need for sexual enhancers and free videos.

I can see why this guy made a fortune now.

  brundle 17:08 29 Jun 2007

It was mentioned on the UK2 blog a while back;
click here

  RickyC :-) 17:16 29 Jun 2007


Just to clarify - the story (and email) concerns the battle for ownership of that particular domain and an extremely profitable website.
I don't think for a moment that those responsible for sending the email were intending to encourage visits to the actual site in question.

Cover Disc Editor

  Forum Editor 17:25 29 Jun 2007

and like simonjary I'm sorry for the confusion it's obviously caused.

Simon has clarified the position, and I suggest we talk about something else, such as how to build a rowing boat in twelve hours flat - it's raining like it's never rained before where I am now, and I swear I just saw an old guy leading some animals into a barge-like thing.

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