sex in video games

  polish 19:41 27 Feb 2009

why do game makers think sex scenes are needed in computer games or even for that matter swearing they are supposed to be abit of harmless fun iam far from a prude but just see no need for it although i havent seen the game in here&

  Legolas 19:45 27 Feb 2009

It seems that in Movies, books, TV and now video games they cater for the lowest common denominator.

  oresome 19:57 27 Feb 2009

Sex helps sell most things. Why should computer games be any different?

You might be lousy at real relations, but can have the pick of half a dozen big breasted beauties or hairy chested men in a game.

I don't play games so I'm making assumptions that you can!

  Si_L 20:19 27 Feb 2009

Hairy chested men!? That will be a new one.

I don't mind violence in video games, as often is unavoidable, ie, if the game is based on killing people there isn't much wiggle room around that. But I don't think there is ever a need for sex in a game, but as oresome says, its there to sell the game.

  dagnammit 23:03 27 Feb 2009

Grand Theft Auto IV is about an Eastern European in a grotty crime underworld - of course there's going to be bad language, prostitution, blowing things up, violence, stealing cars etc and lots of murder...

These types of games wouldn't really work if the dialogue didn't match the story.

  DrScott 23:18 27 Feb 2009

have sex and violence in them?

If you answer one, you can answer the other.

  ronalddonald 07:47 28 Feb 2009

makes money and the makers have no morals. Its gonna be there until someone puts their foot down or does research into to find is it really harmless fun or could lead to further problems later in life. IE how many teenagers know they shouldn't swear but do in public and in the bank until the police are called and arrested. Ideally it represents a false world we live in.

  Forum Editor 07:56 28 Feb 2009

It more probably represents the real world in which we live, whether we like it or not.In real life people visit prostitutes and use bad language.

That isn't to say I'm in favour of portraying sex and bad language in video games because I'm not; I think it lowers the bar.

  donki 10:07 28 Feb 2009

There is no "sex scene" in GTA, well not that I've ever seen. U drive round in your car a girl jumps in u drive to a quite location and the car starts rocking, its hardly porn. There is a video cut scene with some funny dialogue where again nothing is seen. Again another over reaction to something no one has seen, just jump on the band wagon.

  donki 10:17 28 Feb 2009

Oh just actually googled it lol there seems to be, I never actually incountered them :s. Guess im too innocent.

  wolfie3000 10:20 28 Feb 2009

Not this again,

How comes you never hear of people moaning about sex and violence in films?

Take the Saw films, the violence in them is 1000 times more realistic than any computer game out there.

Also if you think under 18s are not watching films like Saw then you live in a dream world,

Anyway what wrong with sex?
Its one of the most natural things in the world, without it you wouldn't be on this earth at all.

Sex is fun, exciting and natural, lets not forget this.

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