Serious Medical Condition

  laurie53 10:32 29 Mar 2008

Over the years I have had some quite serious and not so serious conditions including meningitis and cardio-vascular problems, but I have now developed the most serious yet.

My system will no longer tolerate chocolate!

I hope the Samaritans have an emergency shift on.

  Forum Editor 10:41 29 Mar 2008

at this difficult time.

  jack 11:58 29 Mar 2008

Are inconvenient, some times dangerous[Nut allergy]
But once sorted are manageable if disappointing.
My particular problem is food tolerance.
I eat anything and everything when I know I should not- type 2 diabetic and moderate overweight to boot.

But then being well into my eighth decade I may as well out out having fun as being a skinny, but healthy and miserable - centenarian.

  dukeboxhero 12:32 29 Mar 2008

laurie53 when i read your thread i looked down at my cadbury flake and thought what a shame and i now feel guilty eatin it, but if its any consolation i cant eat anything with chilli in it or peppers or else i would be up all night with heartburn,i dont feel so guilty now :}

  jakimo 12:41 29 Mar 2008

You may still be able indulge in your favourites if you take Gaviscon afterwards

  g0slp 14:45 29 Mar 2008

For the last 10 years I've not been able to eat red meat, as it causes my arthritis to flare up.

Still, it could have been worse; it could have been red wine that caused a problem :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 29 Mar 2008

Sorry to hear about your problem.

In times illness or stress I usually resort to the therapeutic properties of Chocolate Digestives.

Not sure how you can cope? Is there such a thing as a chocolate substitute that works?

  €dstowe 16:18 29 Mar 2008

Strange things, these intolerances. I used to think it was all in the mind but I've a different view now. My father recently became lactose intolerant - which manifests itself by him having to be in very close proximity to a toilet for about 12 hours after consumption of the offending item in milk, yoghurt, cream, soft cheese. The odd thing is that he can take hard cheese like cheddar with impunity.

He has a particular liking for Stilton cheese and the very odd thing now is that he can take that cheese from some producers but not others.

  BT 16:24 29 Mar 2008

You can get some pills in Holland and Barret that help with Lactose intolerance.
My friends wife has the problem and taking one of the pills before partaking of anything that may cause a problem helps considerably.

I can't get hold of the name of them right now but talk to the people in the shop.

  spuds 16:26 29 Mar 2008

Fancy having a chocolate intolerance, when Asda are flogging off cheaply, their overstocked Easter egg range-Yummy ;O)

  sunny staines 16:46 29 Mar 2008

how about carib, a similar product.just as nice.

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