Separate WEEE Charge For Lamps

  BigRik 13:45 27 May 2008

I found this on my receipt after I'd bought a couple of lamps, but I hadn't given the retailer any old ones to dispose of.

I'm aware retailers often pass on the cost for disposal, but I didn't know they levied a charge for purchasing as well.

Is this allowed?

  jack 13:53 27 May 2008

If they are allowed to make a charge for disposal- it presupposes you gave them something to dispose
If you did not then it should have been credited back.

You can look at this two ways
If a large org - it is likely that their systems are set up to make a blanket charge as an easy option rather than rely on staff to remember to apply it.
Its a try on and hope the customers don't notice.
How much is it for ?

  Seth Haniel 14:04 27 May 2008

look at it more like a government tax
we have large scale lamp disposal which is all crushed and bagged and taken by a paid recycle firm - but we also have to pat this 'weee charge' on each lamp bought - currently 15p per lamp no matter what size -

  €dstowe 14:58 27 May 2008

I wonder how many of the "general population" are aware of this WEEE legislation and continue to dump their spent light bulbs in with their general rubbish? There hasn't been much publicity about the ruling.

  peter99co 15:03 27 May 2008

I sent an email to a local council for info and they never bothered to reply. Long life/low wattage lamp have special problems when disposed of.

  BigRik 16:41 27 May 2008

Thanks for the replies.

jack, it was only 15p per lamp, the same amount which Seth Haniel mentions. It's a very small amount I know, but a tidy sum over the year for the company if it's a 'hope the customer won't notice' kind of charge, if you know what I mean!

I'm inclined to believe Seth Haniel, as he appears to deal with these things, that the charge is levied both ways, but any other views are always welcome!

  Pamy 17:04 27 May 2008

you should not be charged for disposal if you are not disposing anything, surely?

  BigRik 17:19 27 May 2008

fourm member - click here.

Pamy, that's exactly why I asked whether the charge should be applied to purchasing as well!

  newman35 17:25 27 May 2008

The WEEE regulations clearly state

"Householders are not banned from disposing of WEEE in their bin but the WEEE regulations have created a network of collection points for WEEE."

  Pamy 17:44 27 May 2008

I would go back and complain about the charge no matter what.

  €dstowe 18:52 27 May 2008

I never occurred to me that there might be a ban, just that there has been a lamentable lack of publicity about the scheme and, because of this, it makes the whole thing rather pointless except to provide someone with an extra 15 pence or whatever amount per light bulb sold.

How many people know where their "collection point" is? Mine is at the council dump - about nine miles away. How much of my carbon credit (and money) would be consumed taking my defunct light bulb there?

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