A Senior PC

  peter99co 22:30 13 May 2008

How many of us need one of these?

click here

  €dstowe 08:00 14 May 2008

Patronising insult.

My father, who is not exactly "young", builds all my business machines and also teaches computing techniques to over sixties at a local community centre/college.

None of them are "digitally excluded", they are all very willing to learn and they don't want special simplified "baby machines" to do this. One of the people he teaches is arthritic and cannot operate a keyboard. He is able to hold a pencil, though, and types using the pencil to tap the keys. Apparently he knows the keyboard and is quite fast.

The digitally excluded are the ones that don't want to know or learn for whatever reason and there is little that MS or councils or government can do to change them. They are not necessarily old.

  Weskit 13:55 14 May 2008

Thought your heading referred to my PC running Win 98, (not me slowing down 77).

  Cymro. 15:54 14 May 2008

I don`t think the idea is particularly an insult or patronising.
If someone somewhere get`s a bit of pleasure out of such a thing then why not? Not all of us are as able to learn how to use such things as computers.

If we all could manage as well then there would be no use for a "Helproom" or a "Absolute Beginners" site on this forum.

  €dstowe 16:37 14 May 2008

That's exactly what I meant.

I'm all for people learning and I try to help as best I can but to create specific machines for people who think they might not be able to cope with a "real" computer is, in my view, the wrong way to go about it.

A big problem is that a lot of people who are new to computers are frightened of them. Once that fear is overcome (usually very quickly) then it is OK. A special computer would not achieve overcoming that fear.

  ray7 16:43 14 May 2008

, this machine will come preloaded with a "digital literacy curriculum" - a step by step guide to how to get online, be safe and perform simple computer tasks.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to incorporate this in all government and NHS computers !

  wee eddie 17:55 14 May 2008

Who happily use their PCs for games but are almost totally computer illiterate.

  jakimo 18:04 14 May 2008

How old will older users have to be before they can use a senior PC?

  Belatucadrus 01:10 15 May 2008

Have to agree, so many times people asking about PC security for kids are blithely told not to bother as they're all PC wizzes that can circumvent all security in seconds. Admittedly some of the little darlings are astoundingly good, but I've found a lot that are completely lost if you ask them to go beyond the bounds of the latest game.

  Cymro. 15:39 15 May 2008

Yes indeed, there certainly are some young whiz-kids but saying that all kids are brilliant at computers is just what some parents like to think about their own children.

  MrCutter 16:01 15 May 2008

Would be useful for my parents!
Not a day goes by with out a call from either my Mum or Dad asking how to do something on the pc.

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