Senile Decay

  laurie53 14:48 01 Sep 2008

I have one of those old fashioned drinks cabinet with a drop down flap.

I've just got myself a glass, poured a nice long cool beer and closed the flap.

Unfortunately the glass was still on the flap.

If I'd knocked it over, or dropped it, it would have been bad enough, but to do something so unutterably stupid, with no-one or nothing to blame but myself is so infuriating!

  peter99co 14:54 01 Sep 2008

I could say, had I been there 'A penny for your thoughts' What where you thinking of beside the beer? You obviously cannot dual task.

  interzone55 15:00 01 Sep 2008

"What where you thinking of beside the beer?"

What could be more important than beer? Was there perhaps a nice bottle of malt that distracted you...

  Quickbeam 15:06 01 Sep 2008

This morning I poured a glass of milk which I hate, and poured a little orange juice into my coffee... Not much hope for me either!

  Picklefactory 15:28 01 Sep 2008

Fell asleep in bed the other night having forgotten to drink the large mug of hot chocolate that was still in my hands. To my credit, I must have kept it steady for a good while in my sleep, as the wet feeling that woke me up shortly after was from cold chocolate. My bedding looked lovely with a large brown stain.

  spuds 17:01 01 Sep 2008

Not all that many years ago, I never considered Senile Decay, but now I have my doubts.

Block of chocolate in the fire, and the wrapper in the mouth. The best part, is when you realise, then try to retrieve the chocolate. That exercise is definitely Not Recommended.

  oresome 17:57 01 Sep 2008


You've just made me feel uneasy with the thought of silver paper on my fillings! It's electrifying, literally.

  Bingalau 18:11 01 Sep 2008

Thanks for the laugh guys and gals. Of course I would never do anything so silly would I? Hold your tongue Brumas!

  Forum Editor 18:33 01 Sep 2008

to prepare a chicken, put it into a roasting tin, and slip it into the fridge to cook.

I've also been guilty of chucking knives and forks into the kitchen waste bin whilst talking.

I tell my wife that they are simply the actions of someone who has a great deal going on in his mind, but I have a sense that she's not fooled. She says she can read my mind, and sometimes there's not a lot of activity there.

  oresome 18:52 01 Sep 2008

My wife purchased a chicken from M&S to go with a salad. On opening it, she marvelled at the tray it came on. Not the usual polystyrene, but a metal tray.

Then the penny dropped. The chicken wasn't cooked. It had to go in the oven for 2 hours.

We had tea at 10.30pm, once the chicken had been cooked and cooled again to go with the salad.

Glad it wasn't me.

  bluto1 19:05 01 Sep 2008

Helped my wife cook Sunday dinner and did the Cauliflower cheese. All I forgot was to cook the cauliflower.

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