Sending Whiskey overseas

  al's left peg 08:20 26 Jan 2012

Hi guys,

it's my brother in law's birthday approaching soon and he is a big lover of single malt whiskey. Does anybody have a recommendation of a particular brand and more to the point can I can it delivered to Sweden from here in the UK?

Cheers (no pun intended) for any advice forthcoming,


  Quickbeam 08:42 26 Jan 2012

To post it, buy one of the brands that come in a sturdy cylinder and pack it inside and out with bubble wrap, and then in another box.

As for what to buy...? You're on your own there if you don't know what he likes or not. Malts vary enormously from tame flavoured highland whisky to bold antiseptic mouthwash flavour Islay whisky!

  Quickbeam 08:46 26 Jan 2012

Balvenie is a safe middle of the road bet, unlikely to disappoint, that comes in a strong cylinder suited to postage.

  onthelimit1 09:03 26 Jan 2012

I just love Dalwhinnie. Oh, and it's whisky this side of the pond! I would suspect a fairly healthy import tax would be levied judging by the cost of booze in Scandinavian countries!

  Brumas 09:20 26 Jan 2012

click here,

this would be a good place to start. I personally do not like whisky, or indeed any of the spirits, but Fran does like a wee dram now and then and Cragganmore 17 Year Old Manager's Dram is her favourite.

Everyone's tastes and likes are different so the best of luck!

  Quickbeam 09:32 26 Jan 2012

Also be aware that specialist whisky shops also charge specialist (extortionate) prices. You're local supermarket will have a good selection at around £10 a bottle less (stack it high & flog it cheap pricing philosophy.

  SimpleSimon1 09:43 26 Jan 2012

You really need to know whether he favours highland or lowland malts. IMHO, the former tend to be much more peaty/firey/full-bodied and individualistic. Talisker, Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain and Lagavulin are all (again IMHO) good examples and easily available.

As far as getting them over to Sweden, I would have thought your local PO should have all the info. However, the following is from the Swedish cusotms web site:

*Gift from another EU country As a private individual, you may receive as a gift single consignments containing alcohol from a country within the EU without being charged. However, this only applies if the gift comes from another private individual and is for your personal use.*

So, you may be lucky but I bet there's a shed-load of forms to fill in :-)

  al's left peg 09:57 26 Jan 2012

Thanks for all the answers upto now guys,

I always thought it was being a member of the EU made it easier to trade with them! That must be another myth eh?

I may end up just sending him an Amazon voucher!!!!

  birdface 10:04 26 Jan 2012

Like Quickbeam states Supermarkets have a good selection at reasonable prices but don't expect to get a really good one for less than £25.

Maybe try a few different Supermarkets as the prices vary on most.

  Picklefactory 14:51 26 Jan 2012

I can't access it right now to get a link for you (Work web filter on drink), but in the past I have used (I think they're in Glasgow) to send good scotch to my brother in law in Germany on a few occasions. All done online and that was BFOP address too. Very efficient, but obviously there will be a penalty cost wise, but each delivery arrived promptly, well packaged and safe. Maybe worth a look?

  T0SH 15:50 26 Jan 2012

If you do decide to send it be very sure to declare it as a gift on the customs declaration otherwise it could well leave a sour taste in your friends mouth because of the import duties ?

Cheers HC

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