Self Sevice Tills

  Quickbeam 11:45 22 Jul 2010

are something I've tended to steer clear of, partly on the principle that they reduce jobs.

I used one today in B&Q only because the Q on the only manned till was long (was that deliberate, to make me use the self service till?) well, it didn't bite, but I'm still not certain I like them at all.

  Þ² 11:52 22 Jul 2010

I like them very much. Tesco's take your time packing your own shopping... it's great!

  Clapton is God 12:12 22 Jul 2010

I recently asked at my local Sainsbury's if they gave a discount on the price of their goods if I used one (thus saving the salary of a check-out person).

The "Customer Services Assistant" seemed rather taken aback and had to ask a Supervisor. The answer was "No".

When I asked "Why not?", they couldn't give me a viable answer.

  Al94 12:25 22 Jul 2010

I love them if you just have a few items. Use them in Sainsbury, B & Q, Asda and Ikea.

If it's a big shop the standard tills are best.

  skeletal 12:26 22 Jul 2010

Firstly, I hate shopping so do it a little as possible; because of this, I am often left behind by shops’ “improvements”.

In my normal confused shopping state, I have tried these awful self-service tills (at B&Q) and failed on both occasions.

The first failed because the bar code reader didn’t and an assistant had to manually enter the details for me.

The second occasion I scanned my first item in, but the system seemed to hang and not allow a second scan. Again assistance was required. My mistake was that you are supposed to scan an item, then place said item onto a nearby plate. As I was buying awkward shaped objects, I held on to them rather than trying put them down. I did not know you were not supposed to hold on to your items.

I also hate the self-service “reception” at the Doctors’ surgery. This is a touch screen display where you enter in all your details to register you have turned up. My problem is that, in touch screen terms, I have a very light and fast touch so the screen does not detect me. I go slower and slower and feel like I’m putting enough pressure to punch the damn thing into the next county before it grudgingly accepts I’m there.

All in the name of “improved customer service” no doubt.

Good point about the discount...I must try that! Although in my case, they spend far more time with me than if they just offered a normal till service.


  Covergirl 12:33 22 Jul 2010

. . . in Safeways. Scan as you go around, hand scanner to checkout assistant who would print your receipt.

There was always the random "spot check" to keep you on your toes though.

No, there is no discount for using a self-service till because no jobs are lost - the assistant is still there to for when things won't scan, and to press the override when you scan the alcohol and other age restricted products.

  Chris the Ancient 12:40 22 Jul 2010

I have stayed clear of them. Any time I go into my local Tesco, there seem to be a lot of furrowed brows, flashing red lights and a frenzied assistant trying to sort out a multiplicity of problems in the self-service till area.

I go to the supermarket once a week (reluctantly - I hate shopping) to do my shopping and, over a period of time and trial, found a friendly and cheerful check-out operator. I always try to find her because she makes doing the evil task bearable.

I did get into trouble with the check-out supervisor one week because I formed a queue (of one) at this girl's till when other tills were free. So, I just explained to the supervisor that I was in this queue because the operator was the best, most cheerful and friendliest one in the store. The supervisor then disappeared muttering things to the the effect that she, the supervisor, would get into trouble for poor queue management!

  tullie 12:44 22 Jul 2010

There maybe someone there to help,but if there are lets say four scanners,where are the other three people.

  ronalddonald 12:49 22 Jul 2010

one of those machines wouldn't give back my change the shop floor worker had to insert card to override it at least ten times before it gave back change, it took about 7 minutes.

  Giant68 15:20 22 Jul 2010

I quite like, however, the "pay at the pump" petrol stations. Now that it seems that petrol stations are replacing the local shops, selling everything from cigarettes to alcohol, I don't have to queue behind someone doing their weekly shop to pay for my fuel.


  jack 17:53 22 Jul 2010

But being a 'meany' I purge the 'Whoops' cabinet in addition to my normal shop- very often the yellow barcode sticker is imperfectly applied and will not scan so the 'Watcher' leaps into action.
Lest week I was whizzing through the 'Veg' and the 'Watcher' appeared by my side and said' Oh that did not work'
I had punched in 'Parsnip' and put an Aubergine on the scale.
So you cant fiddle them- but I try ;-}

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