Self Seeded Daffodil

  morddwyd 09:00 30 Apr 2014

I have a daffodil blooming in a pot in the garden in which no bulbs have ever been planted, so it must have self seeded.

Nothing unusual in that, with the milder springs we've been having, but it is a specialised variety called "Hawera", a late blooming, mufti-headed, miniature reflex, of which I have half a dozen or so in the garden.

That means it has bred true from seed, which is unusual, unless daffodils are different? Normally one expects hybrids or "sports" from self seeding, which only infrequently resemble either parent.

  fourm member 09:23 30 Apr 2014

Are you certain no bulb was planted? It is possible that a mouse dug up a bulblet in the garden and reburied it in the pot.

Even if it is from seed, I would say it is unusual but not unknown for it to come true. Included in all the possible variations is one where the seed reproduces the parent.

  Aitchbee 14:01 30 Apr 2014

Magpies are also notorious Feng Shui practitioners when it comes to the reorganising of the contents of big plant pots.

PS. I have 'encouraged' a few hundred black hosta seed pods [collected last autumn] to sprout [indoors] and hope to have a cornucopia of 'sports' appearing soon ... if all goes to plan ;o)

  morddwyd 16:23 30 Apr 2014

The pot is a ceramic sided one with overhang and, acrobatic masters though they are, I doubt if a mouse would make it, carrying a bulb.

I've not seen a magpie within twenty miles of here.

Hawera is one of the latest blooming, and the only daffodil I have ever seen locally blooming into late May, sometimes early June, so I suppose true breeding is more possible than with most.

  Aitchbee 17:40 30 Apr 2014

" ... I doubt if a mouse would make it, carrying a bulb. "

This mouse would.

click here

  john bunyan 17:46 30 Apr 2014

What about a squirrel? - They do bury things in my pots sometimes. If a seed I wold have thought there would be more than one plant.

  morddwyd 19:50 30 Apr 2014

Surely the opposite - one seed, one seedling one plant.

Not squirrel habitat, never seen one within a couple of miles. The local cats would soon see them off, and there are no trees for them to go up!

  mart7 20:45 30 Apr 2014

The 2 squirrels i see daily see the cats off,its quite amusing to watch

  Aitchbee 21:30 30 Apr 2014

Slightly off subject, but if you have enjoyed a good display of flowering bulbs that 'ave been grown in big-pots, then you might consider carefully uprootin' 'em once they have 'died down'-and-withered-away and then let 'em dry out and after a while store 'em away for next year's re-potting. This process frees up pots for other summer flowering plants.

Thanks morddwyd for the 'plug'.

  flycatcher1 17:27 02 May 2014

morddwyd. It is just the Taffodils keeping an eye on you.

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