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  martd77 14:09 24 Jan 2007

Ive been off work now three days due to slipping on our iced up decking and injuring my arm and back,due to go back to work tomorrow.
My workplace doesnt deal with self certs only sick notes,my doctor says he will only give a sick note if im off for seven days or more and that my employer is breaking the law by not providing self cert forms,this is the first time ive come across this problem during my 24 years of employment.
Anywhere on the net i can some info?

  BigAl127 14:40 24 Jan 2007
  namtas 16:47 24 Jan 2007

Google to the rescue

click here

* You must inform your employer that you are sick. Employers must accept notification if someone else makes it on your behalf.
* You must also provide evidence of sickness as required by your employer. However, employers cannot ask for a doctor's note to cover periods of sickness lasting seven days or less. Instead you must provide some type of self-certification. This could be form SP2 which you can get from GP surgeries, or a form provided by your employer.
* Your employer will normally require a doctor's sick note after seven days sickness. They cannot ask for evidence of sickness to be produced more often than once a week.

  Totally-braindead 17:36 24 Jan 2007

I'm not sure of the legality of this I'm just commenting on what I firm I worked with for 10 years did.
They insisted they had the right not to accept a self certified certificate in some cases (usually when the person had been off more than 3 times in a 12 month period)and would insist on a DRs line. You were charged for this by the doctor but the firm had to reimburse the cost.
They did not do this with everyone I hasten to add and all those that did have to get a DRs line were reimbursed immediatly upon receipt of the sick line.
Perhaps they did not follow the rules I don't know I can only comment on what they did to their employees.
As far as I am aware no doctor ever refused to give a sick line to any of them but all of them charged for it as they said a self certified should be enough and if the employer insisted then they would have to pay.

  martd77 19:46 24 Jan 2007

cheers but the majority of that relates to ssp which i will not get as i am back in work tomorrow
I know firms operate different but all the ones i worked at never asked for a sick note until you were over the alloted time,that used to be three days its now seven!
What id like to find is somewhere on the net where it legally states the employer has to provide the employee with the self cert for up to seven days.The stupid thing is if im off for up to or over seven days and i provide a sick note,it doesnt go against me,but if im off any amount of time up to seven days its unauthorised absence!!
Thanks anyway

  tullie 21:43 25 Jan 2007

Do the obvious and go to the jobcentre,they will tell yo legalities

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