Seems I was lucky.

  lisa02 21:57 08 Jan 2007

As I booked flights for 31st Jan unwittingly missing the Febuary 1st hike in Air taxes.

I had a colleague tell me today that he and wife are due to fly out in March (flights paid for well before Xmas) and Easyjet emailed them to say they have to pay £20 in extra Air taxes or they won't be allowed on the plane.

It appears Greedy Gordon implemented the change from Feb this year despite recommendations to wait until April. It's set to net an extra £100 million for Mr Brown but has created difficulties for airlines. BA is set to have an extra £6 million tax bill and Easyjet £4.5 million if they can't implement the change quick enough and get customers to pay.

I guess whatever way you look at it we'll pay the tax directly or the airlines will hike up prices to recover the money if they have to pay it.

From what I've been reading the EU is looking to implement an "Environmental Tax" aswell.

Cheap flights aren't looking cheap anymore.

  Forum Editor 22:37 08 Jan 2007

as time goes on, because fuel costs will rise, and in addition, governments will be under increasing pressure to cut the number of aircraft in the skies. Environmental taxes are an inevitable consequence of the increasing awareness of the need to do something about global warming before it's too late. It already is too late, but that's another discussion altogether.

  Al94 22:43 08 Jan 2007

Something strange here, I have several flights booked with Easyjet over the coming weeks, only got one email last week looking for £5 for one single flight for my son back to Uni in April but no request for payment for flights in February and March. These were all booked some time ago.

  lisa02 22:51 08 Jan 2007

I think the benefits of increased travel outway the bad.

I also don't believe we can or rather will do anything about Global Warming except use it as a Tax cash cow.

  Forum Editor 23:13 08 Jan 2007

by "the benefits of increased travel outway(sic) the bad"

the consequences of increased travel for the planet's ecosystems are not that great, and unless you can quote facts and figures it's hard to justify the statement you've made. Everyone would like to be able to fly around all over the world whenever they like for next to nothing, but it can't possibly be that way. We're going to face real problems with decreasing fossil fuel reserves in the fairly near future, and that isn't something that can change - oil producers will hike prices as demand rises, and it's rising at an alarming rate.

  lisa02 23:16 08 Jan 2007

Tourism and cultural benefits, no facts and figures to quote though.

  lisa02 23:19 08 Jan 2007

Think I'll tick this as it's main aim was to inform about the increase in "APD Tax".

  mymate 22:23 09 Jan 2007

I am flying to my second home ,India on Feb 1st,so i think i will have to pay this extra tax.
Yet i paid for the ticket in July,and the ticket price has dropped £60 since then.So i been "done" twice now,and i havnt left yet !

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