Security at power stations......

  realist 19:03 08 Oct 2007

So much for security of our power supplies when about 50 Greenpeace activists (wearing red boiler suits!!!!) can get unchallenged access to a major power station!

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  oresome 19:36 08 Oct 2007

Power stations cover a large area. It would be very expensive to patrol the perimeter fences at all times.

Let's face it, determined people can get in almost anywhere. Security measures just inconvenience the law abiding majority.

  xclr8r 19:45 08 Oct 2007

Maybe they should electrify the perimiter fence to keep these fools out.

  Forum Editor 23:57 08 Oct 2007

Maybe we should be grateful that we live in a country where protests are not only tolerated but are positively part of our way of life.

I can think of nothing worse than living in a country where authority has to be asserted over the population in ways similar to the one you suggest.

  €dstowe 07:53 09 Oct 2007

Possibly no need to electrify the fences. Power stations can be extraordinarily dangerous places to be if you are not aware of where you can and where you cannot go. It was extremely foolish of whoever it was to enter a power station premises unguided and uninvited but, I suppose these days of nobody being seen as responsible for their own actions, it would have been the power station's fault if one of these silly people had been burned to a cinder either in the furnaces generating the heat or by the electrical power produced.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:43 09 Oct 2007

Eon declares it is not responsible for the safety of the protesters as they did NOT attend a site briefing prior to access to the premises.


  Seth Haniel 10:55 09 Oct 2007

when they go down with radiation sickness.

Or maybe that is what they're trying to get !!!

So they can sue the company involved.

As our Nuclear Power stations are now protected by armed units and the current threat level: "Severe - Heightened" - radiation sickness may be the lesser result of their sensless actions.

  JanetO 11:05 09 Oct 2007

This was a coal power plant. Here they'd only get their faces dirty. If it was nuclear they'd glow in the dark.

  georgemac © 11:10 09 Oct 2007

People have the right to protest within the law - these protesters obviously broke the law as they were arrested.

I hope they all switched the lights off at home before the went on their protest at the firm building a more eco friendly power plant ready for carbon capture technology once it is proven

what real proposals do these protesters have to solve the global warming problem? it is a sad fact that nowadays plenty seem to be willing to say "this is broken" or "this is a problem" without thinking about how to fix it - this always seems to be someone else's problem

  spuds 13:42 09 Oct 2007

Some parts of the world, clear warning signs are placed around perimeters of 'sensitive' places.

You only have to look at a picture of a man holding and/or pointing a rifle, to understand the message, no mass array of various spoken or written languages are needed.

Regarding power stations, 44000 volts can have devastating effect, especially on a damp and wet day. What do they say about electricity- The Silent Killer!.

  BT 08:51 10 Oct 2007

My mate Dave and I always contend that if you put on a hard hat and a HiVis vest or jacket and carry a clipboard you can go just about anywhere you want.

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