Security @ LHR & LGW

  hereford456 15:56 19 Aug 2007

Had to go to both main London airports in the last few days on business.
Lots of Police around to stop climate protesters.
Very visible presence & quiet a few armed officers patrolling.
But all very pleasant, polite and above all professional.
A credit to both The Met & Sussex Police Forces.

  Forum Editor 16:03 19 Aug 2007

in time to see two police motorcycle outriders leading a phalanx of protesters on bikes. There must have been a hundred or so protesters with police pedal-cyclists protecting their flank as they streamed along in the heavy traffic. The whole lot was topped off with a couple of Police rapid-response carriers.

It was a model of police escort efficiency, and the protesters were laughing and chatting with the escort officers as they cycled along. Altogether a very English way of doing things, and there wasn't a trace of any animosity from the car drivers who had to move aside.

  Cymro. 16:39 19 Aug 2007

I like that post FE.
It is just the sort of thing that makes this country still one of the best places on Earth to live.

  Kate B 17:11 19 Aug 2007

I had a very negative experience of airport security at Stansted a couple of weeks ago. The security officer decided to search my carry-on, which is fine, I have no problem with that, but the manner with which she did it made my blood boil. She was discourteous, gave no explanation as to why she'd singled out my bag, didn't make eye contact with me at all and and generally had a very poor approach to her dealings with me.

I kept my mouth shut as of course losing your temper in that situation is pointless, but it's a horrible feeling to have some random going through your underwear and turning out all your stuff on to a bench for every passing body to see, and a better attitude would have made it a bearable experience rather than an unbearable one.

  Cymro. 17:16 19 Aug 2007

With so many people needed to work in airport security these days perhaps they are having difficulty in getting the right people for the work. Not that it gives the person who searched your things the excuse to behave towards you as she did.

  Forum Editor 17:23 19 Aug 2007

for a year or so on an airline check-in desk. What she learnt there - about the way some passengers behave - beggars belief. During her time on the desk she was abused on numerous occasions, was spat at twice, and on one occasion had a suitcase hurled at her by a male passenger who failed to understand that he couldn't travel on a forged passport.

She saw the way the security staff are similarly abused, and how some passengers go out of their way to obstruct security officers who are doing random checks. The fact that many of these passengers are carrying all kinds of prohibited items in their baggage makes no difference to the way they behave - they couldn't care less about anything other than boarding the flight.

I'm astonished that they can still get people prepared to do baggage searches.

  Kate B 17:25 19 Aug 2007

Me too - I'd hate to have to deal with the travelling public. But there's still no excuse for a hostile attitude when doing something invasive like searching a perfectly polite and co-operative person's case.

  laurie53 20:12 19 Aug 2007

"Altogether a very English way of doing things"

Do they do it that much differently in Wales, Ulster and Scotland then?

  octal 23:42 19 Aug 2007

It's interesting peoples experience with security. We were stopped going into Orlando MCO airport a few years ago by Home Land Security. The lady officer couldn't have been kinder, she explained the reason we were stopped and it was purely random and that she was going to search our luggage and the reason, the whole time reassuring us and actually making light of it to put us at ease.

When she had finished she told us her name and wrote it at the bottom of a questionnaire which she asked if I would mind filling it in on our experience during the search. Needless to say she got top marks on the way she handled what can be quite an intimidating experience to visitors to their country.

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