Securely destroying documents

  Yimbo 16:27 13 May 2015

Can anyone suggest a way of securely disposing of about two reams worth of documents - bank statements etc - too many to put through my shredder?

  Flak999 16:48 13 May 2015

Burn them!

  BT 17:37 13 May 2015

The only problem with burning them is that you basically have to introduce each one to the fire individually as otherwise they tend to not burn fully.

Spent an hour a couple of weeks ago shredding a carrier bag full of old bank statements, credit card bills etc. a couple of sheets at a time. The secret is to take it easy and to empty the bin before it gets to the top. I've made the mistake before of letting it get too full then it jams the cutters and takes ages to pick it all out. Also lubricate the cutters occasionally. I filled a black bin bag, and still have 2 carrier bags full to do. Its one of those jobs that you keep putting off and ends up as a BIG task.

  wee eddie 18:34 13 May 2015

Get a Gerbil or Hamster

  lotvic 19:01 13 May 2015

I have a chiminea in the garden and that's where my papers go. The ash is mixed/dug into the garden.

  OTT_B 19:25 13 May 2015

That kind of thing I take into work, who have a company come round to do all the confidential paperwork shredding (all done on site). Sssshhhh. Don't tell them!

Alternatively, water and bleach I would think will work very well, as govanx has suggested. Stir it all up in the water and bleach, leave for a day, then drain the water. Just for complete destruction, rinse thoroughly, then compact it together, let it dry well, then burn it.


  bumpkin 19:29 13 May 2015

I sometimes wonder at some of the questions asked here. You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to work out how to burn some old bank statements.

  OTT_B 20:04 13 May 2015

bumpkin i think the problem is the 2 reams of paper. A few dozen pages are quick and easy to burn or shred. 1000 pages is a longer task (not that that justifies my last response!!). Put 1000 pages into a fire and half of them will still be readable by the time the fire dies down.

  bumpkin 21:16 13 May 2015

OTT_B, yes indeed if you throw them all in as one lump. Assuming that one is burning something else also i.e. dried out garden waste then a little common sense in the distribution should see them destroyed and assist with the burning. I have done this with a lot of paperwork, other family members will throw on something like an old Argos catalogue and wonder why most of it is still there the next day.

  bumpkin 21:23 13 May 2015

The link to Argos was not put there by myself, so how did that occur?

  bumpkin 21:33 13 May 2015

Now done it again, I just typed the word as normal text, then it turns red and becomes a link.

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