The Secure security Van

  jack 11:48 13 Jul 2010

Just to show that its systems work, this security van, got the police locked up too
click here

  wiz-king 12:20 13 Jul 2010

Call for a tin-opener!

  spuds 12:26 13 Jul 2010

This is not the first time this sought of incident as taken place. It happened not all that long ago, not far from where I live. I do believe the security guard/driver got the sack 'for not following procedures'.

Perhaps they should have sent for the 'A' Team :O)

  ronalddonald 19:45 13 Jul 2010

that must be pretty good since villains could get stuck inside too

  rawprawn 20:29 13 Jul 2010

I was in Harrogate 2 weeks ago and was walking past a security van making a delivery to a bank, when I was at the side of it a loud hailer started shouting "I am under attack call the police" Everybody was looking at me as though I was a criminal. It turned out to be the driver who was getting in the door on the other side, and had not switched the system off.
Most disconcerting.

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