The 'Secret' Button

  WhiteTruckMan 22:48 31 May 2013

Did anyone know about the Secret Button that is apparently to be found in our streets?

Certainly I had no idea. Never heard of it, in fact. But it does make some kind of sense, and I'm going to look out for it in the future.


  rdave13 23:19 31 May 2013

Didn't have any knowledge about the tactile button.

Why is that then do you think?

  spuds 00:02 01 Jun 2013

The 'spinners' have been around for quite a long time now, but at one stage a few years back, it didn't take certain idiot's very long before they started to put chewing gum or blu-tak over the device,so causing a safety problem.

There was also the photographs of the two keys for access to 9000 public toilets around the country. If you know anyone who as a genuine cause to use a 'locked' public toilet urgently through a medical condition, then they can make an application to their local council for a 'Radar' key.

  mole1944 05:37 01 Jun 2013

The Radar key can be purchased on line, as for the secret button it's been around for ages, if you like looking around try finding mobile masts disguised as something else or even the old ordinance cut marks above sea level i.e. the ones with an arrow pointing upwards with a line above it.

  morddwyd 09:02 01 Jun 2013

"It's a small, unassuming plastic or metal cone which you can find on the underside of pedestrian crossings."

If there's a subway to get to the underside of the crossing, you might as well use it to cross the road.

  Forum Editor 09:10 01 Jun 2013

The man who comes to tune our piano is blind, and he told me about the spinning buttons a few years ago. I immediately had to go out and try one - sure enough, there it was, spinning when the lights changed to red.

  Brumas 09:24 01 Jun 2013

We have a Radar key, it is a godsend and, more often than not, they are always very clean and tidy.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:36 01 Jun 2013

I too was unaware of such a thing. Off to track one

  Brumas 12:54 01 Jun 2013

re my 09:24 post, the toilets are always very clean and tidy, as is the key really :o}

  Bing.alau 16:22 01 Jun 2013

I must apply for one of those keys I think. A recent fungal infection around my naughty bits caused me all sorts of problems in the sanitary wares department. Finding a normal toilet is a problem sometimes, so a list of their whereabouts and a key would be a Godsend. It will have to wait now until I get back from my happy holiday though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 01 Jun 2013

Not a secret button to be found on any of the crossings in my local town :0(

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