Second life has a new challenger,

  wolfie3000 00:50 25 Nov 2007

Well looks like second life doesnt have a monopoly on virtual living,

There is the new kid on the block and looks to rival Second life,

Lets just hope that They dont sellout like second life.

There website.
click here

Second life website.
click here

In game in There.
click here

In game in second life.
click here

So your thoughts on this new virtual world?

  wolfie3000 03:46 25 Nov 2007

Should really point out this video too as it gives you more of the feel of the There world.

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:39 25 Nov 2007

I have played a game called 'Real life' for years. It is quite interesting and you have to get off your backside, meet real people, get a real job, refrain from staring at a screen with badly pixelated avatars for hours on end and try to refrain from eating fast food meals. It is also quite good because at least you gain experience from losing money.


  The Ghost of Inept Pig 10:26 25 Nov 2007

Agree with Gandalf on this, although I have a penchant for playing games, I don't see the appeal of those of the 'Second Life' type - I struggle to fit things in as it is, surely some kind of second life would require me to give up sleep??

However, there's a writer by the name of Tim Guest, who used to regularly abuse his column in EDGE magazine to bleat on about the wonders of Second Life and how it gave people an outlet, and how it's entirely incredible that such a thing exists - example from the Guardian review:

"As Errol, he befriends Wilde Cunningham, the embodiment of a group of special needs patients in Boston (like 'multiple personality disorder in reverse'), who are now able to 'function' as they cannot in the real world. He meets sufferers of Asperger's Syndrome who have been helped by virtual gaming and wonders whether these worlds, 'with their reduced range of expression, make us all feel a little autistic'."

(link to the review for those who are interested: click here)

It's strange that my Real Life job still involves staring at a screen for hours on end though; I'd much rather be a Lumberjack... but that's a different story...

  WhiteTruckMan 11:23 25 Nov 2007

...Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia...


  wee eddie 15:52 25 Nov 2007

John Cleese did the foul deed!

  mymate 16:07 25 Nov 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> i thought your thread was really good.

Must admit i am now hooked on Second Life .Only since last thursday i been using it more . I was wandering around on second Life looking like a person that had just come from a jumble sale with a hat on as well ! I just asked someone else on there how do i get better clothes to wear, and she sent me a free wardrobe of clothes. I find it good fun,never bought any thing from there and dont intend to either.

  Legolas 17:08 25 Nov 2007

I read somewhere that someone was charged by the police for stealing furniture on a virtual reality site, as the owner of the furniture had to pay for it, stealing it was deemed a crime. This is thought to be the first conviction for vitual theft. click here

  wolfie3000 04:37 28 Nov 2007

So i guess many dont like the idea of having a virtual life then?

I must admit to being a bit surprised at this.

This genre of "gaming" is still in its infancy but i would like to focus on the possibilities in the future,
Online shops where you can walk around a shop and pick up the items and talk to other shoppers while in store so you can compare the stuff on sale,

Personally i don't care much when businesses exploit these online worlds, but these online worlds have a huge potential.

Mark my words in the future we will be all using software like second life, maybe it will replace the web browser or dare i say it the operating system enviroment.

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