The Seasons

  laurie53 21:49 23 Oct 2007

Having had temperatures of 17 deg. I've now just seen my first gritter of the season!

  45 Mart 22:30 23 Oct 2007

Last week after finishing nights, twice I had to dde-ice the windscreen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 23 Oct 2007

Love this time of year.

Bright crisp days, lots of colour.

Unfortunatly means the frosts are creeping in a night.

Remember its always cold on Bonfire Night, thats what the fire, the bake spuds and a tot or two is for.

  bluto1 23:18 23 Oct 2007

The only thing I hate about this kind of weather is the low sun in the morning. I've got eye problems and can't see in front of me. I'm thinking of staying in bed until 0730, it might help.

  Forum Editor 23:39 23 Oct 2007

I know what you mean - if I have to leave the house early in the morning at this time of year the sun is right in my eyes for the first quarter of a mile or so, and driving is a nightmare. I don't have any particular eye problem, I'm just blinded by the light, as they say.

On the other hand, I agree with Fruit Bat, Autumn is a beautiful season - mist and mellow fruitfulness. Then again, a crisp, cold winter's day is pretty invigorating, and as for those spring mornings......

Sitting in the garden on a sunny summer's day takes some beating, too; bees on my lavender, and damsel flies on the pond.

  Kev.Ifty 00:24 24 Oct 2007

The Autumn Sun can be a visually purifying thing.

sure I missed a great photo opportunity this morning on the M6.

Driving along (M6) spaghetti just passed J5. The windows of the flats and office blocks in Birmingham City centre were lit up by that gloriously bright orange Sun rise.

It looked like a 'Towering Inferno' scene, breath taking.

  anskyber 08:10 24 Oct 2007

I was very lucky some years ago to visit Singapore and other places in the Far East for my work. I was in the company of my host who travelled with me from England and who had lived in our country for about 18 months.

It was late January at home and I said to him how lovely it was to be in such a warm and pleasing temperature.....surely he missed it in England.

A very brisk reply came back, no said he. The seasons in the UK are magnificent varying as they do providing a changing context to the year. I became quite nostalgic.

  laurie53 09:29 24 Oct 2007

We were just finishing a drive through Badenoch and Lochaber when we saw the gritter.

300 miles of unbroken sunshine and unparalleled scenery, and as the shadows lengthened mists just starting to form in the valleys.

Take your pleasures where and when (and while) you can.

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