Seasonal Attractions

  laurie53 12:38 09 Dec 2007

Every season has its own attractions I know, but at the moment I've got upwards of 750 wild geese feeding about 100 yards from my front door, and to see and hear them flighting in takes some beating, whatever the season. (Doubt my neighbouring farmer would agree though!)

  Cymro. 13:05 09 Dec 2007

I have always thought that this was a season to be got over with A.S.A.P.
What with the weather and the dark nights then Christmas and the January sales. No thanks give my spring every time and its promise of better things to came.

Mind you a relative of mine who lives in Saudi Arabia says that one thing he misses about the U.K. is it`s changing seasons. He says that the only difference he notices in Saudi is that the mosquitoes are even worse at some times of the year.

As for all those geese as neighbors, they may even be an improvement on some of the neighbors that we have to put up with on this estate.

  Quickbeam 13:59 09 Dec 2007

It's the muddy season... not my favourite!

  Bingalau 14:02 09 Dec 2007

Cymro. I think you have got the right attitude to life. I'm always glad to see the spring and your relative in Saudi Arabia probably yearns for a nice cool breeze and a drop of our rainfall. There's a lot to be said for our varying climate. I love it.

  crosstrainer 14:03 09 Dec 2007

After Thursday's gale force winds...torrential rain etc......

Still love it...Herons on the river, etc...Most important, like Cardiff, and would not manage business wise without it. And Would prefer to live In North Wales...But we can't have it all.

But I am fortuante, live by the Taff.. So best of both world's I guess

  Cymro. 14:10 09 Dec 2007

"Most important, like Cardiff, and would not manage businesswise without it. And Would prefer to live In North Wales...But we can't have it all".

I live in North wales but will be spending Christmas in Cardiff this year, so perhaps I am having it all.

  laurie53 14:18 09 Dec 2007

Not sure I would like to come back to Cardiff to stay now, though I'd love to see the Bay area. My Dad would have loved it; he was a Cardiff boy born and bred and was very proud of the city.

As far as the Taff goes, I mostly remember it from the Canton Bridge area, when all the upstream pits and ironworks were still working. Even the seagulls were a dirty grey colour, and coughed a lot!

  wellshgit 19:58 09 Dec 2007

I worked in Saudi Arabia offshore in the Gulf for 23 yrs. In the winter theres a prevailing north wind blowing down the gulf, and it gets very cold sometimes, also they get a lot of rain with flash floods in the winter. But Saudi is a vast country so the rest of the country is always baking hot. Strange how the locals are told to pray for rain in winter when they least need it!!!

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