season flu jab

  mobileman1953 17:57 07 Oct 2011

hi all just wondering what your views are on having a flu jab , i know all at risk people are offered one free but all you healthy people out there do you pay for one as i do

  Aitchbee 18:14 07 Oct 2011

I don't qualify either - but have only suffered from the flu, once in the past 20 years.I would only pay for the jab if I was a chronic sufferer.

  john bunyan 18:48 07 Oct 2011

I qualify and have one booked for Saturday week. I wonder why so few doctors & nurses at my GP practice etc seen to bother with it for themselves!

  octal 18:56 07 Oct 2011

I do qualify as I work in a hospital. I went to Occi Health yesterday and I was the only one there. I got flu many years ago and never again want that if I can help it, so I have had the jab for the last 15 years.

I must admit, normally it doesn't worry me, but this one has the N1H1 included as well and it has made my arm a little sore.

  Crosstrainer2 19:31 07 Oct 2011

I have one due to being in the "at risk" category I expect the nurse will call shortly. Strangely enough I have never really had bout of flu in my life.

They insist on me having it though.

  morddwyd 20:39 07 Oct 2011

Depends on how you feel about the flu itself.

For a normal healthy person it is a very uncomfortable, possibly painful, few days, if you get it at all, which is not entirely certain in the normal course of events.

If you are an at risk person it can be a killer, so there should really be no discussion.

Since my doctor told me I was an "at risk" person I have had it every year, and only had flu once.

  Woolwell 20:54 07 Oct 2011

Real flu, as compared to man flu or a heavy cold, lasts more than a few days and can make you feel really rough. I have had flu once and that was once too many.

  ams4127 22:35 07 Oct 2011

Me too! Never want flu again. Lay in bed for about 5 days in 1992 and even my toes hurt.

Had the jab last week, took but a moment and no side effects.

  spuds 23:07 07 Oct 2011

It all depends on what type of flu it is, and how it will effect you. Was it last year or the year before, when the NHS had to recall some of the vaccines back,or stop the intended supply and then use a different vaccine, because the vaccine at the time was the 'wrong' sort?.

A number of years ago, a very dear friend of mine caught what I think was the 'Asian Flu'. From being a once very fit person, it took its toll over a three day period when he then took to his bed and other complications then set in, and in just over a week we were attending his burial. A deep sorrow and surprise to us all.

I don't know how other areas or GP practices work nowadays, but the GP surgery that I use, seem to do all the flu jabs on a Saturday morning using locums instead of their own staff. The GP's do not now seem to do flu jabs, and if its an urgent case, then the practice nurse usually does it.

  spuds 11:53 08 Oct 2011

Just received my reminder from the GP surgery regarding the Flu jab for this year.

I notice that this year they have stated that "if you are allergic to egg you should not receive the flu vaccination".

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