pj123 15:56 11 Jul 2007

Just noticed there are 2 large Seagulls perched on my neighbours roof.

We are 20 miles inland, do they know something we don't?

  Stuartli 16:14 11 Jul 2007

Only 20 miles inland...:-)

Seagulls get everywhere.

Mind you I live in a seaside resort so it's not uncommon to see them.

Amazing birds. There can be no seagulls in sight, but put out some bacon scraps and within five minutes they'll be dive bombing the garden.

  postie24 16:26 11 Jul 2007

Strange that,i saw a couple of them yesterday,and im about 20 miles inland too.
Cant remember seeing them about before.

  interzone55 16:33 11 Jul 2007

I live about 50 miles inland and we get them quite often.

I used to see hundreds of them hanging around the market bins, but nowadays the fish mongers & butchers aren't allowed to throw food waste in the normal bins, so they don't get their closing time feed any more

  FungusBoggieman 16:46 11 Jul 2007

Ah wondered where they all have gone,we live in a sea side town just 1/4 mile from the sea as the seagull flies.
I must say tho you are welcome to them all. they nest over the road on roofs terrible noise in breading season mostly in the early hours, they make so much mess with the bins if you leave bags out on bin day, there dropping are more corrosive than acid on the car paint work, and the holiday makes here moan about the dive bombing when they have there fish and chips on the promanade.

  sunny staines 16:46 11 Jul 2007

They come inland when bad weather at sea [old sailors tip] not sure if true or not

  pj123 16:49 11 Jul 2007

If you really want to see Seagulls divebombing???

Whilst in the Royal Navy I did a 2 year stint on Fishery Protection based in Reykjavik.

Just watch the Seagulls following the trawlers, or when the chef throws the gash over the stern of the ship.

  sunny staines 16:52 11 Jul 2007

here in sunny staines we have gulls, terns, and cormorants with have sussed that fish in the thames are easier pickings than the sea as a result of the cormorants the kingfishers have moved elsewhere and not so common. I often watch then go down and come up with large fish afterwards, about half dozen of them will park up on weir pillars and hang their wings our to dry quiet a sight if not seen before.

  octal 17:31 11 Jul 2007

I was going to say they are probably fresh water gulls, we get lots of them here in Northeast London, they live on the reservoirs, but yours sound like real seagulls pj123, they tend to be much bigger than their fresh water cousins.

You want to see the damned things over in Florida, trying to eat you fish and chips in Epcot, I end up cuffing the blooming things and they are huge.

  Cymro. 17:36 11 Jul 2007

Seagulls+pigeons, much the same, just rats with wings in my opinion.

  dukeboxhero 18:13 11 Jul 2007

not known for its shore line ,but we have had seagulls (skinheads with wings)in glasgow for years, one rogue gull use to hang about stobhill hospital and dive bomb everyone coming out of the out patients, terry a good friend of mine recieved 5 stitches on the top of his head by said gull , another use to attack people who wore hats in the town centre, once watched a traffic warden run down renfrew st being chased by this gull, there was also this story in daily record click here

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