Scrolling ad at the sides of screen!!!

  Blackhat 18:09 17 Jul 2012

Since these rolling ads have started at both sides of my screen when I scroll down the page it jumps back up to the top 2-3 times before I can get down the page. No problem on my office small screen as I don’t see it but my home screen is much wider.

Is there any way I can block this in ie8 win7.

Just to add, I only got back on site today since last week by changing the first letter of my password to a capital.

  KRONOS the First 18:23 17 Jul 2012
  Blackhat 18:46 17 Jul 2012

Down loaded adblocker and shows enabled in add ons but no change. Last week I tried loads of free downloads for ad blocking and could not get any to work, some actually messed up my pc. You don't get much for free.

  Woolwell 19:05 17 Jul 2012

Move to IE9?. I don't have a problem on my desktop with IE9, Firefox or Chrome but do have an anti-banner ad program running. However if you think the jump that you get is bad you should see the jump and and slow opening using Safari on an iPad. This site is poor on an iPad.

  spuds 19:18 17 Jul 2012

With regards to changing the first letter on your password to a Capitol. This seems to be happening to a few people, myself included?.

  Blackhat 20:22 17 Jul 2012

Installed ie9, still got the ad but screen stopped jumping back up (for now). Lets wait and see.

  bremner 22:03 17 Jul 2012


I totally agree, I have not yet come across a site that performs as badly as this one on an iPad.

Currently it is the golden sunset of the BT Ad that causes the major issues.

It is ironic that the prize on the IDG survey is an iPad

  Forum Editor 22:32 17 Jul 2012


I'm puzzled by your "I have not yet come across....etc ' comment. I use my iPad a lot on our site - I'm using it to type this - and I can honestly say that I don' experience the same irritations as you.

I'm not saying that there aren't any difficulties, but they are related to the iPad's operating system rather than to our site, and in any case they're only minor irritants.

  wee eddie 22:33 17 Jul 2012

Unfortunately the makers of these Ads are proud of their work. They like you to know that they can produce designs at the cutting edge of the business. Bully for them.

Unfortunately, like many others, I live more than 20 yards from our Local Telephone Exchange which means that although BT charge me for a 20Mbps Service, they only deliver 2.5Mbps, at the best.

This means that the afore said Advert makes the loading of a page almost impossible.

Now I wish to see the PCA Website and to do this I need to install an Ad-blocker and thus never get to find out what the Clever Clogs is trying to promote.

That's to the loss of whoever is paying his Fee. Maybe he should be considering how to communicate his Employer's Message in a way that I can read it.

  Woolwell 22:39 17 Jul 2012

FE - I agree with bremner. Using Safari on the iPad the site seems to reload at least twice before you can use it. I think that it is caused by the large ads. This doesn't happen with other sites, It is better using the Diigo browser app.

  Forum Editor 22:41 17 Jul 2012

P.S. to my last post, I just realised that you are referring to the way that ads are served into the pages- they jump in after the rest of the content. I noticed it, but didn't see it as a problem; probably because I'm more likely to tolerate any ad related issues.

I'll pass your comments on to the appropriate people.

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