Scottish Smoking Ban - a Rumour...

  DANZIG 00:00 25 Jan 2008

I've heard just this evening that the smoking ban has been lifted in Scotland.

Is this utter rubbish, as I believe it is, or does it have some semblance of truth???

  Quickbeam 00:49 25 Jan 2008

I've just heard that David Beckham is buying Sheffield Wednesday... His son asked for a cowboy outfit for his birthday :)

  newman35 07:50 25 Jan 2008

Perhaps you misheard - "The smoking MAN has been lifted".
The polis are pretty keen up here.

  octal 08:10 25 Jan 2008

It would be interesting to hear where you heard that. Because that would probably be on the front page of every news paper if that where to happen, like a flock of flying pigs being released in Scotland :)

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on you point of view, the smoking ban is here to stay, like it or not.

  €dstowe 08:16 25 Jan 2008

All tax and duty is being removed from Whisky and there will be free deep fried Mars Bars and Buckfast wine on tap in Glasgow.

  newman35 08:20 25 Jan 2008

Those Mars Bars will make a heck of a mess of the plumbing, though!

  birdface 13:04 25 Jan 2008

Head of Glasgow public health, Nosmo King has strongly denied those rumour's.And has declared that the no smoking ban is still in force.

  Quickbeam 13:15 25 Jan 2008

His office will be at No 20 Park Drive...?

  Jak_1 14:12 25 Jan 2008

"His office will be at No 20 Park Drive...?"

... and I always thought he worked at the 'Embassy'!

  Forum Editor 18:03 25 Jan 2008

as if your fellow forum members are filing the rumour in the drawer marked "utter rubbish"..............and rightly so.

  DANZIG 18:18 25 Jan 2008

Thought as much...thanks!

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