Scottish Referendum (again!)

  morddwyd 09:35 04 Feb 2012

I fully expect this to be mainly between me and fourm member, but ignoring the latest poll figures, which are still subject to Burns Night nationalism, the most worrying thing for me is that 44% of voters can’t comment on the new Lib Dem and Tory leaders, and 40% on the new Labour leader, because voters don’t recognize them.

"Willie Rennie of the Lib Dems and Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Tories are so unrecognised that 44% of voters can't comment on their performance.

For Johann Lamont of Labour, the picture is a little better with 40% unable to comment."

Given the wide publicity their respective elections got from the party machines, this must be a cause for concern.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am entirely sanguine about independence (or not, as the case may be), but I would not like to see it happen by default, let’s at least have a debate.

It is a pretty poor showing when nearly half the voters know so little about the opposition leaders that they can’t even decide if they’re rubbish or not!

  zzzz999 04:40 05 Feb 2012

Yes once the question was made unintelligible those prepared to vote for independence dropped. Beware perfidious Albion.

  morddwyd 09:23 05 Feb 2012

"it will take performance on a key issue to create a presence for them."

I would have thought the referendum on independence to be a key issue, and their performance in this area has been sadly lacking thus far.

  zzzz999 09:43 05 Feb 2012
  morddwyd 09:56 05 Feb 2012

If Malta can manage an independent existence, I am sure Scotland could.

For far too many people the sole argument is about finance, particularly personal finance, not freedom of choice.

  badgery 11:05 05 Feb 2012

fourm member " I want politicians to leave me alone as much as possible."

Surely that's a great reason for supporting Scottish Independence!

That way the Scots get rid of the continuing huge 'Westminster' ruling model and get a much smaller, more local aspect to their own governance?

Or do you actually mean, "..leave me alone with the system as it is and the Scots ruled from England"?

  badgery 14:58 05 Feb 2012

fourm member "..his Soviet style policies "

And this, presumably, is not your very own style of 'propaganda'??

At least the other article had some figures that can be debated and discussed, your comment is just subjective rubbish.

  badgery 17:25 05 Feb 2012

fourm member

My, how quickly you seem to put words into other's mouths!

I had merely said it's better to see figures than have your jaundiced silly quote about 'Soviet policies'.

I didn't say whether the figures were right or wrong - just that they are preferable to daft political comparisons that any one can throw about to try and justify their 'point'!

  zzzz999 18:07 05 Feb 2012

ha ha ha that was a great laugh, thanks for posting Fourm Member.

  john bunyan 20:27 05 Feb 2012

Purely in jest, I wonder if lifts in buildings need reprogramming post independance. Please, Scots friends, this is not a cryicism- good luck whatever you decide!

  morddwyd 20:54 05 Feb 2012

'Scotland to become 'third world' economy by 2030'

at least we would have our own economy, third (or even fourth)world or not, rather than have our economy dictated by a party with minimal electoral representation in the country.

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