Scottish Budget

  laurie53 20:35 29 Jan 2009

Of limited interest in England I know, but the Greens have combined with Labour (and the Lib Dems, but up here they're just labour with a small l) to vote down the Scottish budget, because they couldn't get a £1bn free home insulation package (£100m a year over ten years).

Do they really think that they are both likely to hang on to their seats if they bring the government down over such an issue, and at such a time?

They lost five of their seats at the last election, looks like they are going for broke.

  Legolas 20:40 29 Jan 2009

According to the news tonight the SNP look as if they might be doing a deal with Labour. I am not sure of everything that is in the budget, but I know that the Council Tax has been frozen for another year.

  oresome 21:00 29 Jan 2009

I can see that in Scotland, the insulation will be almost free as the UK taxpayer will shoulder the burden.

But in general, and ignoring my jibe at the Scots, what's the point of collecting taxes and redistributing them in this way, when any sensible householder would have insulated their home long since?

How much must it cost to collect a pound in tax and redistribute it on a project like this. I suppose it keeps the civil servants from the dole queue.

  Ranger 00:13 30 Jan 2009

Scottish/Welsh Parliaments = more snouts to the trough, only this time it's mainly 2nd class politicians that wouldn't be able to hack it in the big hoose and that lot are bad

  oresome 20:19 03 Feb 2009

The horse trading's finished and the deals been done.

click here

  laurie53 20:22 03 Feb 2009

Yes. I think they finally realised that the general consensus was they'd behaved like prats and done themselves, Holyrood and devolution in general no favours.

  Stuartli 20:31 03 Feb 2009

Alex Salmond is a very astute operator.

In any case, spending money is alien to most of that country's population.

I know that from my own large percentage of Scottish blood..:-)

  newman35 22:19 03 Feb 2009

Alex has managed to become Leader of his Nation, that alone makes him a tad more astute than your good self, methinks.

  Legolas 08:56 05 Feb 2009

I found it amusing in the sense that because the "Greens"(two of them) found themselves holding the balance of power in the vote, they appeared very self important and all the Scottish media wanted to talk to them. When the SNP done a deal with Labour and the Lib Dems thus making the Greens vote irrelevant they were back to being ignored. Fame for 15 minutes.

  newman35 12:07 05 Feb 2009

At no time did I say, or even infer (let alone condone or understand, as carver might have said!), that Alex Salmond "...must be wonderful"!!
I did say he was "..a tad more astute than your good self", which seems perfectly reasonable, and an entirely different meaning (look up 'astute', maybe - it's under 'a').

  newman35 13:23 05 Feb 2009

I have no wish to 'engage' you at all.
I simply made a statement that Alex is, in all probability, more astute than yourself, (perfectly legitimate comment, I would have thought) you reply by comparing him to Mugabe and Amin, then accuse me of being childish !!
The fact that you seem unable to understand what astute actually means is not my problem.

You completely misrepresent me with 'He won, he must be wonderful", and then accuse me of 'sniping' - paranoia?

I do not always think I am right, and do apologise when I have made mistakes, unlike yourself.

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