Scotland's illegal tobacco trade.

  peter99co 20:21 19 Jan 2011

click here

The illegal trade is estimated to cost the Treasury billions of pounds in lost taxes.

Half of all hand-rolled tobacco smoked in the UK is now counterfeit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:31 19 Jan 2011

Triple Meh..........this has been going on in London and other cities for years and the sellers appear to not have been born in the UK. Plod has turned a blind eye to this for years and they know it but if you drive 5mph over the speed limit then the full force of the law is upon you. No one can tell me that these sellers of counterfeit or imported (sans tax) fags cannot have been noticed by plod as they are really least to me and the rest of the population.

I am heartened to know that plod are doing their utmost to rid our streets of crime which is probably why, when my better half recently had her car robbed of it's stereo and vandalised so it could not be driven, they couldn't be bothered to get off their lazy backsides to help her telling her to phone her insurance company instead and report the damage to a plod house asap.


  tullie 20:39 19 Jan 2011

As Gandalf says,this has been going on in every city and town in the uk for years.

  Colin 21:06 19 Jan 2011

What a numpty that reporter is. "Hello, I'm a middle class wally and would like the BBC to film me accusing you of selling counterfeit tobacco." And she seems surprised at their reaction.

  Legolas 21:30 19 Jan 2011

That was filmed up the Barras in Glasgow I have been up there often and you always see people selling tobacco, as Gandalf says it has being going on for years. The wee guy wasn't having any of it at all, watching him crack up was the best laugh I've had for ages.

  peter99co 22:04 19 Jan 2011

And is anything done about it or is Plod really ignoring it.

Seems very stupid or is the cost of stopping it higher than its worth?

If so many involved it would be like trying to catch ants in a net.

  Al94 22:13 19 Jan 2011

It's a huge problem in Ireland as well click here

  Forum Editor 23:32 19 Jan 2011

smoked in the UK is now counterfeit"

How do you counterfeit tobacco?

  uk-wizard 05:45 20 Jan 2011

Add a peck of autumn leaves to a bushel of straw, add a dash of flavorings and away you go. Or grow your own click here I think they mean the packaging rather than the baccy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:44 20 Jan 2011

'And is anything done about it or is Plod really ignoring it'....quite simply, yes they are totally ignoring this and I would love to hear the reasons why from one of our wonderful guardians of the law especially as they are soooo sanctimonious when they apprehend all those terrible motorists and don't give a pig's burp about a vandalised car.

They keep banging on about how wonderful they are at detecting crime and that the 'armchair' plod should keep out of it...well, as an armchair plod I can easily see this happening so it should not be too difficult for our upholders of the law with their many years of experience. Until they crack down on criminal activity which, in my experience, appears to me to be committed by people of foreign extraction, they will have little credibility in spite of all their self- righteous, sanctimonious and patronising back-slapping.


  tullie 08:22 20 Jan 2011

I would have thought that it would be Customs & Excise that make the move here before the Police.

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