Scotland independent???

  Jimmy14 01:35 26 Nov 2006

What do you think? As a true scot I would like it to happen and give more powers to my local parliament (Holyrood) instead of Westminster.

  wee eddie 01:50 26 Nov 2006

but they make the lot in Westminster look like angels

  sunny staines 05:23 26 Nov 2006

would that not mean higher tax for the scots to pay, I am thinking of emergrating to scotland to retire late next year and alot of scots up there are saying this, they are all for indep scotland but not for the extra cost. I'm english but had scottish parents and looking to move to the east coast between berwick & edingbugh.
Be interested to see various views from scottish forum readers.

  GRFT 07:02 26 Nov 2006

What extra cost? We can do without our share of the billions spent on what is euphemistically called defence, and bring our troops back from the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention being able to ditch that discredited organization where cash for honours is is used to populate an unelected upper house. Holyrood is not usuall under police investigation.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:04 26 Nov 2006

Could someone remind me how much over budget the most butt-ugly building in the world (aka Holyrood Parliament click here)was?

This should be warning on the financial front and the design front. How this building ever manged to get planning permission is beyond me and the edifice is a standing (or falling down as there appear to be some *ahem* structural problems)joke. The fact that a bunch of amateurs who were always complaining how much the UK Parliament overspends, got it totally wrong is laughable. The gormless, bewildered look on the elected representatives at the opening was a joy to behold.


  laurie53 09:20 26 Nov 2006

Forget the oil; if we got just 1% of the duty Gordon Brown gets on single malts we'd be the richest country in Europe!


  Joe R 09:31 26 Nov 2006

GANDALF <|:-)>,

you are spot on about the parliament building, but do the Millenium dome, Wembley stadium, and the forthcoming Olympic games not perhaps fall into the same category.? (Not on the design front, but on the finance side)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:36 26 Nov 2006

Of course they do and the Scottish lot do not seem to have learned by our hoofing great mistakes. It was not a good start.


ps...I predict that the Olympic games will be the biggest and costliest fiasco ever.

  Forum Editor 09:50 26 Nov 2006

that Scotland would remain economically viable as a fully independent nation? It would mean raising all exchequer revenues from personal and business taxation.

  GRFT 10:07 26 Nov 2006


  facepaint 11:31 26 Nov 2006

It has always been handy to blame the English for many of the Scots' woes.But, if Scotland became independent could we then see a resurgence of in-fighting based on religion? Re: N.I.

One of main the reasons that Scotland has stayed part of the UK for so long is due to the Catholic vote going to Labour ,thus keeping the distrusted SNP out.

However,if the majority in Scotland did vote SNP this then indicates a sea change reflecting the total rejection of Labour(and it goes without saying,the Tories) and not the English.

As far as being "economically viable " well there are plenty of inventive economists from Scotland to guarantee this success! Plus the current embedded Scottish spies have had many years to infiltrate their English markers!

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