scotland to become the new india

  sunny staines 21:08 14 Aug 2007

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looks good get more sense speaking to people in scotland than you would in india, where they do not understand or have no concept about the product you are phoning about.

  Brumas 21:11 14 Aug 2007

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These will fly off the shelves for sure then ;o)

  Clapton is God 21:25 14 Aug 2007

"scotland to become the new india"

Does that mean that every High Street will soon boast a Haggis, Neeps and Tatties restaurant or takeaway?

  DieSse 21:57 14 Aug 2007

"scotland to become the new india"

oh mi gawd - a billion Scotsmen - the UK'll sink!

  Stuartli 23:11 14 Aug 2007

Several banks have Scottish call centres, Crucial has its highly efficient customer service call centre in (IIRC) East Kilbride and many other firms are also enthusiastic users.

  crosstrainer 23:34 14 Aug 2007

Such is life... We are in the process of moving, so have dipped in an dout (apart from my abberation) Cured Would anyone like some dogs (word "some" being ) Only four

Have to live in Wales

  Forum Editor 23:55 14 Aug 2007

"looks good get more sense speaking to people in scotland than you would in india, where they do not understand or have no concept about the product you are phoning about."

You do realise that this is about Indian companies setting up call centres in Scotland, don't you? Indian companies who do business with European companies realise that it makes sense to have a multi-lingual capability in their call centres, and to base them in Europe, where the European language skills are more readily available.

These aren't call centres for the consumer market - they're business to business centres. Infosys BPO is an outsourcing industry leader, based in India, but offering outsourcing services on a global basis. The company wants to offer call-centre facilities to European companies in a near-shore location - Scotland would be a good choice. An added advantage is that Indian students at Scottish universities get an automatic work permit when they graduate, and Indian outsourcing companies will welcome them with open arms.

  Acx 23:57 14 Aug 2007

I was once asked a question by a Scotsman with the broadest Scots accent you have ever heard and to this day I have no idea what he was talking about and from what crosstrainer's just posted I will have to add the welsh (no offence intended crosstrainer).

Seriously though sunny staines, you can employ anyone anywhere with 'no concept about the product you are phoning about', be it India, Scotland or England – they are just untrained and that is the companies fault.

  sunny staines 14:21 15 Aug 2007

try speaking to an indian call centre about an endowment they will be polite but you will go round in circles even the supervisors there are a loss. In the end i found a head office number in london and would only deal with them since cancelled the endowment. also if you fail to collect your poits card in sainsbury you have to call india another ring of roses with hapless staff unable to grasp anything. hopfully move uk companies will move to scotland

  HCOOH 10:45 17 Aug 2007

2 main languages of call centres are English & Rubbish.

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