schoolgirl gives birth IN CLASS....omg

  hijo 11:18 19 Dec 2006

click here

this is differant

  Apron 11:30 19 Dec 2006

Poor little scrap.

  Strawballs 12:11 19 Dec 2006

And it was a Catholic all girls school.

  Kate B 12:18 19 Dec 2006

There are two responses to Strawballs' post. The first is facetious and probably inappropriate, but I went to a convent school so I think I can get away with it ;)

The second is a more serious one. I'm extrapolating a bit but a blanket prohibitive stance to teenage sex rather than being realistic and providing sex education that's dispassionate and designed actually to get kids to seek out contraception is clearly a disaster. I don't actually know if that's what happened here, obviously, but I'm guessing the message from the nuns has been "don't have premarital sex, end of" rather than "if you're going to mess around and explore your budding sexuality, for God's sake here's the stuff you need to know".

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:21 19 Dec 2006 she was not a 'Poor little scrap' when she conceived the child.


  Strawballs 12:28 19 Dec 2006

Kate B your second point was what I was trying to covey the fact that the nun's stance of noway end of will not of helped (if that was the case)

  vinnyT 13:33 19 Dec 2006

Still beats double maths.

Only joking.

  The Brigadier 13:54 19 Dec 2006

This is one reason why the goverment recently ran adds on contraception aimed at teenagers and the alarming spread of STD's among the 13-19 age group.

  Apron 14:02 19 Dec 2006

I am walking in her shoes. My own first baby was born when I was 27 happily married, financially secure, and waiting to welcome him. I was still afraid for him.

There is some discrepancy in that report isn't there? Did she go into labour at school or did they keep her in the sick bay until Friday?

They are searching a rubbish dump in Worcestershire because a young girl was too afraid to tell anyone that she was pregnant. My heart goes out to both these young girls, I wish them well.

  Forum Editor 17:02 19 Dec 2006

I'm not sure that "Poor little scrap" is the appropriate phrase, but maybe you were referring to the baby?

Either way, one life is now handicapped, and another has started badly. I would like to think there'll be happy endings, but the chances are never great in these circumstances. With luck, the new mother has a supportive family arround her.

  Apron 17:15 19 Dec 2006

I was referring to the mother. Poor wee thing.

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