School supports bullies....

  Seth Haniel 15:04 24 Sep 2009

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shows what education those at the top have!

  JanetO 15:14 24 Sep 2009

This is a reflection of schools' attitudes, I'm afraid. All too often school bullying is swept under the carpet by the education bods. That in itself is a form of bullying.

  Forum Editor 18:43 24 Sep 2009

I very much doubt that it's correct to say "All too often school bullying is swept under the carpet by the education bods." although I'm prepared to have my opinion changed - where's the evidence on which you've based your statement?

fourm member has said it all really - you appear to be generalising based on one incident. It's pretty obvious to me that the school involved is trying to wriggle here, and that there was a judgement error. It's unfortunate, but it obviously happens from time to time.

My daughter was bullied at primary school, and when we finally discovered it was happening (from her) we told the school. They reacted immediately and effectively - the bullying stopped.

  Chegs ®™ 18:52 24 Sep 2009

The Dinner Lady has lodged an appeal,and if the responses under the story are anything to judge by she will be reinstated.

  Monoux 20:43 24 Sep 2009

I'm afraid to say my daughter was bullied at school when she was 15 -16 and despite her and us bringing it to the schools attention absolutlely nothing was done. Just a load of excuses and no action taken against the bullies, despite them being easily identified. My daughter stopped going to school as a direct result of the continuing bullying. The local welfare officer whom we called in didn't want to know. The year head with whom we arranged a meetng forgot to turn up to it and the hesd teacher was totally useless. My daughter taught herself, with our help, and went on to get 10 GCSEs at A & B grade. She then left school instead of going onto A levels because as she put it she had had enough and didn't want to be in a situation where the bullying could continue.

I wonder what more she could have achieved if positive action had been taken by the school and she had not been put off further education.

  Miké 20:46 24 Sep 2009

On the BBC local news tonight, it was said that one of the alleged bullies was the child of one of the school governors!

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  Monoux 20:48 24 Sep 2009

Anybody know what action has been taken against the bullies ?

  Seth Haniel 08:18 25 Sep 2009

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and even here certain people are hiding their head in the sand :(

  morddwyd 08:36 25 Sep 2009

I think bullying has always gone on, I was bullied a lot 60 years ago (my parents were separated, which, 60 years ago, left you well down the pecking order with pupils, teachers and parents).

It is the scale of the bullying, and the level of violence used, which is the modern worry.

I might have been pushed around a bit, and jeered at, but I was certainly never whipped by a gang.

  JanetO 08:38 25 Sep 2009

...I'm not sure you can take one bad incident and make a generalisation about all schools...

My statement is based in personal experience, with two of my three kids at school, experience from friends and family with their's. Some councils even had to produce a booklet on bullying which proves how bad it is.

Bullying is endemic in schools and will only be eradicated when it isn't swept under the carpet and is brought out into the open.

Thanks Seth Haniel for that link. I think it just about says it all - honestly and openly.

  wee eddie 08:53 25 Sep 2009

It takes a different form but I have seen it so often, also been subject of it, that I have been unable to formulate any way to deal with it.

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