The School Prom

  Bapou 17:56 10 Aug 2008

Yesterday I received a recent photo of our 13 year old grandson via e-mail looking a real bobby dazzler dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, black bow tie. Replying I asked, was Dad taking him to the Annual Plumbers Dinner?

No, he was off to the Annual School Prom for those who would be leaving to start their schooling at the Comprehensive after the hols.

What's all this about? Come birthday time do we buy him a NY Yankees uniform or will a new Sunderland shirt be still ok?

When did this tradition start in our junior schools? Is a July 4th holiday in the offing?

Now don't get me wrong, I like America, have met some friendly folk over there. Although I turn my nose up at lunch in Mickey D's and Starbucks coffee is rubbish they have even got me spelling favorites, programs, their way and so forth.

How far down the road do we have to go now the influence has spread to our schools?

What do you think?

  anskyber 18:02 10 Aug 2008

Can you explain what this has got to do with the USA?

  gardener 18:12 10 Aug 2008

It seems that there is a lot of pressure on girls with this prom thing, and consequently on their parents' wallets. Thank got I've got a son.

  gardener 18:13 10 Aug 2008

That should read 'Thank God I've got a son'.

  birdface 18:28 10 Aug 2008

The kids normally have their school prom when they are at the end of term when they are 16yrs old and can then leave school if they wish.My Grand Daughter had hers this year and I must admit she looked fantastic.It seems to be a growing trend in the Uk now and well worth the money spent on her.

  josie mayhem 18:33 10 Aug 2008

The Prom is diffently an American idea...

I've had to suffer the notion of the Prom with 3 children thankfully the notion of that junior schools also needed to have a Prom hadn't been thought up when my lot went up to seniors...

But it is a money extraction exercise, it costs a absolute fortune... Yes bous are a bit cheaper, but girls well... Prom Dress, hair, nails make-up ect....

  Bapou 18:48 10 Aug 2008

"Can you explain what this has got to do with the USA?"

Are you saying the School Prom did not originate in the USA?

I certainly never heard of it ever been part of British School life until now.

  Legolas 19:07 10 Aug 2008

My mates 11 year old daughter had her "school prom" a few weeks ago as she is going to high school after the holidays, he resisted the pressure from his daughters peers to hire a stretch limo for the occasion and his daughter was very happy to have her father take and retrieve her on the big night. I don't suppose it does any harm but it is a bit of a money making racket for the stretch limo owners.

  gardener 20:13 10 Aug 2008


I presume your real concern is the influence of America on British culture. I detest some of the things America stands for and exports to our country, school proms being one example, but I can also appreciate the many good things that have come from over the water.

It's a bit like Monty Python,'what have the Romans ever done for us?'

  anskyber 20:27 10 Aug 2008

It's not about the USA.

It's about our willingness to adopt fashions, food items or whatever from other cultures which we do willingly.

Your thread suggested to me that somehow we are under attack from the USA; there is some clandestine wish by the US to control our culture with their own.

Well no.

We will absorb things which we like and discount other things in the same way that many eat curry, chow mien, drink French or other counties wine or the like.

If you feel threatened by all of that I say take a deep breath and enjoy the difference but understand what it is to be British or English or Cornish.......

Have a read of the amusing but thoughtful book "Watching the English" your fears will just melt away!

  Forum Editor 22:42 10 Aug 2008

is infinitely preferable to the ubiquitous disco.

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