School Hours?

  pj123 15:30 08 Oct 2007

When I went to school we had to be there by 9am and we didn’t leave until 4pm.

I live near to a very good high school and the pupils/students seem to be able to arrive any time between 9am and 10am and they leave at 2:30pm.

Are they getting the same good education that I got?

I must say that I didn’t have to carry a hundredweight of stuff on my back, which seems to be the case now.

Everything was supplied at the school. All I did was turn up.

We had our own classroom and our own desk. When the lesson ended it was the teacher who changed not the pupils/students. So we didn’t get lots of kids running around from one classroom to another. The only exceptions that I can think of were for “woodwork” and “domestic science” which did have dedicated classrooms.

  spuds 15:50 08 Oct 2007

9am till 2.30pm around our way as well.

About an hour lunch-break, when the big kid's go to the local chippy, then visit the park opposite where they take possession of the little kid's swings, then leave their rubbish behind for the council workers to pick up.Spotless nearby litter bins though.

  Jimmy14 15:51 08 Oct 2007

and finishes at 3:25.

  Bingalau 15:57 08 Oct 2007

pj123. Ah yes! The good old days. My brother and I were evacuated during the war. In the area we lived then, we had to walk to school and back, a distance of about three miles each way. We also had properly organised games by the school staff, such as football, cricket and rounders etc. There were no fat children that I can remember in those days either, mind you there was the little matter of rationing too. The only things we carried to school was our tucker box with a couple of sandwiches and an apple. As you state everything else was supplied in school. (including discipline).

  interzone55 16:34 08 Oct 2007

You say you didn't have to carry anything to & from school, but what about homework, do you not carry books & stuff home for that?

I have to say I went to school in the 70's / 80's and we had lockers at school, so only carried stuff home that was needed for homework, but sometimes I see kids with a back-pack & carriers bags full of stuff, now whether that's full of guns & knives or schoolwork I couldn't possibly know

  Forum Editor 16:54 08 Oct 2007

We wore uniforms - with caps.

We were terrified of the teachers, and called them 'sir' and 'Mrs/Miss whatever'

If we transgressed we were given lines, detention, or for serious offences, the cane.

Each teacher had his/her own classroom, and we went to them, not the other way round.

Nobody was driven to school by his/her mother - we walked, or rode bikes.

There was no choice at lunchtime - you ate what the school put in front of you, or you bought your own packed lunch, and ate it with other packed lunchers in a supervised classroom - very few people bought packed lunches.

We worked hard, studied Latin (it was a grammar school), and had compulsory woodwork. The girls did domestic science. They played tennis and lacrosse - we played rugby and cricket. There were no options - you did sports when you were told, and did what you were told.

There was no course work, and no chances to improve your marks by trying again - we took GCE exams sitting in the school hall with an invigilator walking up and down the rows.There was no grading system, we either passed or we failed. The word 'failure' wasn't avoided, and so we worked like slaves to try to pass.

Everything was hand-written, no computers, and the only calculator was in your head.

It was a wonderful education, and all my life I have been grateful for it.

  g0slp 16:58 08 Oct 2007

GCEs, FE? O-Levels, surely?

Similar for me, although we finished at 3.45. We were in school on a Saturday morning though - Wednesday afternoon was games afternoon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 08 Oct 2007

I think we must have gone to the same school.


Can't say I particularly liked school while I was there but it gave me what I needed to survive at work and yes I too am very grateful for the effort put in by my teachers.

  pj123 17:10 08 Oct 2007

Forum Editor. That sounds like the same school that I went to as well.

alan14. We didn't have homework. All we needed was done at school.

If you need to do homework then the school you are attending isn't working.

  pj123 17:15 08 Oct 2007

I also remember the teachers were good aimers.

If you were talking in class you very soon found a blackboard rubber smacking you in the head. Or a ruler rapping across your knuckles. No chance of a court case then and it didn't do us any harm in the long run.

  Giant68 17:35 08 Oct 2007

I went to a comprehensive and did latin, bored to tears by it, but the teacher kept throwing in useless bits of information on the Romans which I still remember some of now.
I still have my old slide rule, calculator, what was that?
Can anyone remember how the logarithm tables worked?
pj123, I remember some teachers with extremely good aim with the blackboard rubber!


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