School holidays so how do you survive?

  Cymro. 11:35 06 Aug 2007

My children have long since grown up and left home but I well remember how as a househusband with a working wife it fell to me to keep the kids happy and entertained over the school holidays.

So how do you manage this very important task? assuming that you are lucky enough to be in such a position. Yes I do think I was very lucky, hard going at times but great fun.

  wiz-king 12:42 06 Aug 2007

I can walk to work without finding cars parked on the footpath near the 4 schools that are on my route. I wont get run over by all the mums rushing to get the sprogs to school. The air is cleaner because of the lack of school busses stopping every few hundred yards.

I love school holidays *grin*

  SB23 12:56 06 Aug 2007

Having just moved back to the Lincs area, we have alot still to do. With 5 kids, and me (by the looks of it) staying a househusband I have enough to keep me busy probably till Christmas!
My kids, on the other hand are already bored.
You mention swimming, they don't want to, you mention the trampoline, they did that 10 mins ago, you mention games console, they have no games!, the rest, well, you get the picture.

At the end of it all, they do eventually find someone, or something to play with, if I'm busy. But its just the moaning inbetween that makes me laugh, and after over 2 years of it, in the holidays, I'm sure it will continue, lol.

  Stuartli 13:49 06 Aug 2007

School holidays mean, for many, many thousands of commuters all over the UK, a very much shorter time getting into work in the morning.

If schools would only stagger the times they open, it would make all the difference and save an awful lot of fuel and frustration...:-)

  Forum Editor 18:57 06 Aug 2007

for the reason mentioned by Stuartli. London traffic is noticeably lighter at such times.

  Totally-braindead 19:02 06 Aug 2007

No kids personally so I hide in the house till they go back to school.

  newman35 05:14 07 Aug 2007

As grandparents, we love the holidays when we can have the kids to stay over, regularly.
Taking them places without their parents is a privilege, and much more fun - you can spoil them rotten!
Make school holidays longer I say - used to propose that years ago when I was 'in the education business' - but for wholly different reasons then, of course!

  wallbash 12:58 07 Aug 2007

The 'boss' is a teacher, I have her home for seven weeks. September comes too fast.

  mrgrockle 16:47 07 Aug 2007

I never take a holiday during school holidays, hotels up their prices.
But my journey to work takes 30 mins less during these times & with air-con in the office, summer is always cool.

  Stuartli 19:58 07 Aug 2007

That could well be because in so many families both parents work full time (or one partner might work part-time).

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