Scary stuff!

  spikeychris 12:37 16 Apr 2008

What’s the most nerve-racking thing you have had to do? I’ve had to do speeches in front of ministers and even the PM once, I’ve done all kinds of outside broadcasts but none of these compare to first aid courses! I’m on one now, it’s the two day replenish thing but there are people here petrified of tomorrow, I’m not over enamoured either!

I've no idea why it's sooo scary but it is...

  belfman 12:46 16 Apr 2008

spikeychris I have been asked do I want to go on a four day course at work (Marks and Spencer).

  Mike D 13:55 16 Apr 2008

Having to deliver a course on career and professional development to a grooup of BT managers on the day that 25000 management redundancies were announced. Talk about shooting the messenger!

  mrwoowoo 15:27 16 Apr 2008

Plucking up the courage to ask my wife out when we first met.
Even scarier when she said yes.)O:!

  belfman 15:30 16 Apr 2008

You're a baver man than I. LOL.

It was my wife who did asking - had it been left to me we'd still be acquaintances!

  monkeyboy21 15:47 16 Apr 2008

Be my friend's best man. I spent most of the day being more nervous than him about giving the speech. Luckily all went well!

  sunny staines 15:59 16 Apr 2008

i too would say having to give speeches or chair meetings at short noticed when your boss bottles out knowing difficult Q&A's will follow. Also giving a speech on stage to an audience scary too if not used to it.

  interzone55 16:43 16 Apr 2008

Giving presentations really scares me, but the scariest thing I've ever done - and I had to do this regularly, is clean the toilets at one shop I worked at.

We had a public toilet and we used to have a problem with drug addicts using the cubicles, so cleaning these toilets was a life threatening exercise.

Also abseiling down a 500 foot cliff in France was quite scary because the wall disappeared halfway down so I was falling through space.

  Legolas 18:27 16 Apr 2008

Sing in front of an audience, I quite often sing in my local church and although I have done this many times I still get really nervous and my mouth dries up, not a good thing when you are going to sing, although I always get through it OK. I seem to get more nervous the more I do it not less.

  Guardianangel 19:58 16 Apr 2008

Giving speeches of any kind, Eeek!

  laurie53 20:48 16 Apr 2008

My first day as a Health & Safety Officer.

A colleague's secretary showed me to my office, the door was shut and that was me, total responsibility for 600+ staff and 22,000 students, 20,000 of whom thought safety rules were for wimps!

The worst thing was that I put the kettle on for a cup of tea to steady my nerves, suddenly became aware of a funny smell and found the kettle belching flames and smoke!

Spent a frantic few minutes stuffing a wet cloth round the smoke detector trying to stop it from going off (I succeeded).

Can't be many H&S Officers who've set fire to their office less than 30 minutes into a new job!

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